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Victorian Bluestone Quarries


Discovering Stone Magazine speaks with Tina Skliros of Victorian Bluestone Quarries about the company’s award-winning stone, recent projects and its processing services. DS: Your quarry is located in Lara, relatively close to Melbourne. VBQ has been in business for over 40 years. Was stone produced on site prior to your tenancy? TS: Our Lara quarry [...]

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The Neolithic Heart of Orkney


The Neolithic Revolution, a term coined by Australian archaeologist V. Gordon Childe in the 1920s, commenced from about 10,000 BC onwards and eventually encompassed every human community around the world. It consisted of a series of independent discoveries about how to control food resources with the taming of cattle and other prospective livestock (such as [...]

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Slim materials – the advantages


In 2005 leading local wholesaler Trend Tile (NSW) launched 3 metre x 1 metre x 3 mm panels of porcelain at Designbuild in Melbourne. The product was the brainchild of System SpA a leading Italian manufacturer of machinery principally used in the production of ceramic tiles. The industry’s initial reaction was understandably cool. There were [...]

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Solid surfaces come of age


Countertops using Corian are man-made material that don’t look man-made, is more durable and often more affordable than natural stone. Its history dates back to the early sixties and was part of an industry that promised much excitement and promise. The following exchange reflects the enthusiasm at the time. Mr McGuire: I want to say [...]

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Back to Basics: Sandstone


Sandstone, the signature stone of Sydney, could be considered Australia’s premier building material. It was a source of shelter and protection well before European settlement, and early settlers quickly identified its workability. The survival of some of Sydney’s earliest buildings is a testament to the durability of this versatile stone. Modern manufacturing processes have freed [...]

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Stone in the built environment – around the pool


Tiling pool surrounds and interiors is probably the largest domestic tiling project. According to the SPASA one in four Australian backyards features a pool. Although glass mosaic is the prime interior pool lining, a number of popular natural stone products are highly favoured as poolside paving materials: including bluestone, granite, sandstone and travertine. However, as [...]

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Moisture sensitive stones


The Australian Stone Advisory Association (ASAA) was launched in 2004. In the ensuing 10 years we have received more questions about stone that has stained during or after the laying process than any other single phenomenon. In some instances, it appears that the chosen product is simply too thin. Ironically, it appears that many specifiers, [...]

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Protecting pool surrounds


The areas that encircle many pools are aggressive environments with ingress of water, salts, organic stains, body fats, beverages and foods all having contributory impact. And the natural stone, masonry or concrete products installed are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal without due consideration for their resilience in this environment. Sealing natural stone is done [...]

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Stone style in the modern era


Stonework and stonemasonry have helped Baron Forge to be a market leader in stone supply in Australia. Baron Forge has made the craft of stonemasonry a key feature in building construction, by creating significant structures, products and spaces using stone. With over 35 years’ experience supplying stone to the construction and building industries, The Baron [...]

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