The Quality of Oxtek Solutions’ concrete waterproofing is guaranteed for 15 years.

Established 1998, initially as ‘Protect Crete’, Oxtek Solutions Pty Ltd. guarantees its permanent concrete waterproofing for 15 years. With 24 years as a specialist producer Oxtek has become the trusted brand in the industry.

Oxtek’s specialty products penetrate concrete up to a depth of 200mm which provides a permanent moisture and vapour barrier. Oxtek’s product solutions do not rely on a topical surface membrane.

Oxtek’s two leading products are both single pack, safe and easy to apply:

  • X220 Moisture-Fix is for existing concrete
  • X200 Densi-Proof is for new concrete and is applied at the time of pour

The Oxtek treated concrete remains compatible with future application of epoxies, line marking paints, levelling compounds, adhesives and topical flooring systems. Leading manufacturer’s compatibility tests available on request.

Quality Guaranteed

Oxtek Solutions guarantee superior protection for concrete. Products are rigorously tested in the laboratory and in the field. All products are HACCP Certified and easy to install.

Understanding AS1884:2021

The National Construction Code (NCC) appropriately references many Australian Standards. AS 1884:2021 sets details of work necessary to prepare subfloor surfaces and the Standard defines two very different moisture suppression systems:

(a) a coating that is film forming which sits on the surface of the subfloor; or

(b) a penetrative treatment that is absorbed into the subfloor

Oxtek Solutions are penetrative treatment barriers.

An applied solution (surface sitting or film forming) mainly relies on a mechanical bond with the subfloor and is aptly measured with ASTM E96. This test method measures water and or vapour passage through the film barrier sitting on a medium, usually thin concrete, and gives a result expressed in perms and recalculated and expressed as MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate). The E96 was developed to measure water permeance and assesses its suitability for protective packaging.

The E96 test does not include in its scope the ability to test concrete beyond 35mm. All Oxtek Solutions are penetrative water barrier treatments applied on site and absorbed within the concrete to a depth up to 200mm therefore the E96 test is not an applicable test method. “We understand that AS 1884:2021 contains important tests for applied film forming solutions but the Standard has caused some misunderstanding for penetrative solutions that are not in the scope of ASTM E96 testing” said Oxtek Product Development & Quality Assurance Manager, John Daymond.

Once applied Oxtek Solutions become a permanent part of the concrete and its chemical makeup. It penetrates the subsurface of concrete up to 200mm and chemically promotes the normal hydration process of concrete. By blocking the interconnected voids (capillaries), Oxtek Solutions promote calcium oxides to produce more hydrate, CSH. The water in the concrete is locked as a gel but allows continued hydration minimising shrinkage cracking. The barrier is also a cure regime for new concrete equal to water pond curing.

“Unlike a topically applied surface film barrier, an absorbed Oxtek Solution will not be compromised by a high impact, gouge or a small cut on the surface” Daymond added.

“Our systems are time proven in major projects across hospitals, aged care, commercial, civil, government and many other industries and we are committed to assist our customers and the industry understand the options for waterproofing concrete for their specific building and construction projects” Daymond said.

Manufacturer’s instructions supersede the Standard.

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