From humble beginnings in a small office in Fitzroy to a current 9,000m2 purpose-built facility in Epping, Melbourne – Signature has grown considerably over the past thirty years. It all started in 1989, when after spending his entire career in the flooring industry, Bill O’Halloran decided to use his expertise and passion for product to start his own company. Trading begun under the name New Floor Distributors and later changed to Signature Floors, with the business retaining the same beliefs of never being restricted by your imagination, continue to innovate and do everything to your best potential and most importantly love your product.

Fifty-three years after Bill begun his flooring career journey at MNA Floors, he decided to retire from the flooring industry. Signature has always prided itself on being wholly Australian owned and operated with family values at the core, the company has been under the direction of Bill’s son and son-in-law, Anthony O’Halloran and Robert Herten, since 2008. Having been a mentor to Anthony and Robert for over fourteen years, the reins are firmly in the right hands.

The real story behind Signature’s success is through the extensive worldwide travel, which is vital to keep current with upcoming trends and technological advances. The combination of the places visited and the relationships that have been built globally is what makes Signature the forward-thinking and innovative company it is today.

With a commitment to creating great spaces, the team at Signature believe good design emerges from understanding customer needs and the incredible possibilities of a project. Through this understanding, Signature seek to inspire and challenge perceptions of what flooring can achieve. That is why retailers, architects, designers and contractors from both Australia and New Zealand are always interested to see what Signature are doing next.


The cornerstone of Signature’s success has been their ability to stock what they sell. Everything they sample they keep stock of and as such product can be delivered within one to five days from order.

Product specialists

Signature have expertise in all categories and dedicated product managers for carpet, carpet tiles, hard floors, resilient, and custom carpet from the Signature Studio. They are committed to delivering the best customer experience by sharing customer needs, offering expertise and being obsessed with execution. Intensive product testing takes place at the facility in Melbourne and only when the team are convinced of the products suitability is it launched. This ensures that all Signature products meets the highest quality and performance standards. Another integral element to the product launch is providing extensive training to their sales and customer service teams.

Design Studio and Customisation

One of the biggest success stories over the past ten years was to move into the customisation of woven Axminster carpets for pub, club and hotel spaces. The offering started with Axminster however, today Signature offer five fully customisable flooring mediums, which include hand tufted, woven, dye injection, tufted and modular carpets. A highly important function of the design studio is to create fantastic interiors for office spaces, combining one of the 600 plus carpet tile references, which include 101 colours and ten unique shapes. So, whether customers are inspired by nature, excited by abstraction, or moved by the built world, the Signature studio creatives will realise any idea into reality.

Future proofing the business

This year in April, Richard Braic, who has worked for Signature over the past fourteen years took over the role as CEO. This was to ensure the next stage of Signature’s development continues down a strong path. This also allows for fresh vision and ideas – which are all being created from the same principles that the company was founded on. From a small carpet and vinyl suppling business Signature has undergone a massive and successful transformation that currently provides a full spectrum of flooring categories.

What’s next?

Signature will continue to innovate, offering flooring solutions that will transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. They aim to continually excite the market with new products, though they are very mindful that there is a limit to the world’s resources and every decision made has a clear consequence on the environment. Signature takes a lead in delivering the latest sustainable products in the market by partnering with the best factories from across the globe in order to reduce their impact on the environment.