There were 189,130 visitors to the 33rd CeramBath event in Foshan, China, held between April 18-21, 2019. According to its organisers, this represents an increase of 1.5% compared to the previous event in October 2018.

International visitors totalled 19,858, a rise of 12% from the last event. They represent 10.5% of CeramBath’s attendees, travelling from 172 countries around the world. The top 20 countries of origin from which most international visitors came from include India, South Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Russia, Nigeria, the United States, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Canada, Sri Lanka and North Korea.

The theme of the 33rd CeramBath was “Create Difference” and featured four modules: Trend Products, Precise Channels, Hot Events, Considerate Services. Over 800 companies involved in ceramic, sanitaryware, software, machinery and auxiliary materials participated as exhibitors. More than 20,000 products were displayed in the fair.

Rustic-style tiles, mosaic and large-format slabs featured prominently at CeramBath 33. In addition, products such as “functional tiles, ceramic auxiliary products, whole-set decoration and customisation” have become more popular.

The majority of attendees come from the domestic Chinese market with most of the 169,272 trade fair visitors pre-registering for an e-ticket using CeramBath’s online platform.

Asian buyers remain the largest number (71.90%) of visitors to the trade show while 8.19% buyers came from Europe, 7.50% from Africa and 6.67% from South America. Buyers from North American and Oceania closely followed. Organisers said the influence of CeramBath continues to grow in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.