That is the big question that faces most cabinet makers at some stage. This decision point arrives at varying times and for varying reasons.

  • Perhaps you are just starting your business and would like to include software from day one.
  • Your business has been operating for 5 years, staff members have increased and your workload is far too heavy.
  • Your business is now 10 years old, is well established, but you or a staff member are taking too much time to get jobs organised for production.
  • Your customers are now asking to see some 3D prints of their project.
  • You have been trying to employ another tradesperson, but have not been successful.

These are just a few of the issues that arise and will prompt you to consider a software program. At these points some businesses have researched the software issue and discovered that it is very good decision to purchase.

Why then have some businesses been reluctant to go down this path?

Let’s start with the obvious reason, cost, they feel they cannot justify it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Quality software is now available for as little as $19 per day (and that is for the top-level Pro Toolpath CNC linking version, much less for lower versions).

So, around $6.50 per day will give you a full design package, costing, cutting and optimising. You simply lay out your floor plan and from that point create 3D views for your client, fully dimensioned 2D views for your workshop, optimised sheets for cutting and cabinet parts lists for construction.

A job cost has also been created based on your labour times and material costs.

There is a conservative 3 hour saving in the office preparation, 2 hours in the workshop and an hour on site (all cabinets and their parts are numbered automatically). As you can see the program has well and truly paid for itself in labour saving alone.

At this point some businesses dig their heels in and say – “no I can’t afford to pay out another cent”. This is where the head must rule. That $6.50 is already accounted for in their current production methods; it is being spent many times over. A software program not only decreases your production time, it also helps you to eliminate costly mistakes. How many times has a number been written in the wrong sequence, and not discovered until it’s too late?

Another reason that is mentioned for not wanting to purchase software is that a business custom builds and customers are concerned that computer programs will not be suitable.  A quality program will give you the ability to set your construction methods and allow you to change your methods to suit architectural requirements.

Support is a big issue with all cabinet makers, who feel if they purchase software, they will be left in the dark or have to pay out for costly training. With all software It is vital that you receive good backup support, phone and remote assistance must be provided in the initial cost of the software. There should be no need to sign up for yearly maintenance. You purchased the program and as such this should be included.

One of the big dislikes for most cabinet makers is the quoting process. It can be a very time-consuming task. The simple fact is that you must produce fast and accurate quotes and unfortunately as our industry has always offered free quotes, clients expect this and don’t understand all the variables that are now possible in even the simplest kitchen.

“Please provide a quote with three different door finishes, and three different drawer styles. Not to mention the bench tops and the internal fittings”. If a miscalculation is made on a couple of doors, this can now cost you over $100.

With a software program you can quickly and accurately quote this situation.

Simply place the required cabinets on the floor plan (no need to do a finished layout) add any accessories, generate a cost, then generate a different cost with any material.

Software for cabinet makers has reached the point where you can now ask, when will we purchase a program, not will we purchase a program. You can no longer afford to be spending wasted hours doing job preparation. Consider the software as another production tool, the same as your existing machinery.

The 3D kitchen program has been in the market place for over 26 years and has a well established client base. The software is provided in a way that all cabinet makers will understand and is supplied with construction methods set up to your individual requirements.

If you have reached the stage in your business where you know that things need to change, you will want to consider the 3D Kitchen software option.

Operating a cabinet making business can be a very demanding task. You need to take advantage of anything that is able to assist you. Software is now a high priority on the list.