Vauth-Sagel is sold in Australia by Lincoln Sentry. Vauth-Sagel is one of a number of leading brands distributed by the successful thirty-year-old hardware company that started in Brisbane and has gone on to become one of Australia’s leading hardware distributors.

Lincoln Sentry offers their customers a complete range of hardware and products to suit the varied needs of the furniture; cabinet making; joinery and construction industries. Brands include Surteco designer edge bands; Linak movement systems; Blum cabinet hardware; Lamello connectors and fittings; Hermes abrasives; Ryobi door hardware; Whitco window hardware and Deco Splash aluminium splashbacks, to name only a few.

Vauth-Sagel is a valued development partner within the furniture industry and distributed in Australia by Lincoln Sentry. In early 1962 the group was founded by Heinrich Sagel and his father in law Hermann Vauth. At the time, they manufactured industrial goods and wire articles for the cheese-making and later the furniture industry. In 1968, the company moved its premises to Brakel-Erkeln, where its Headquarters remains to this very day.

The focus of the company’s products and services lies on innovative storage space systems, which make furniture and installations for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. One of the main focuses is highly complex, but simple to install, fittings that equipped with wire baskets are found in virtually every modern home across the globe. Vauth-Sagel works alongside the biggest and most successful kitchen manufacturers in the World to design products that are not only convenient and functional but stylish and long-lasting. If the Vauth-Sagel product is used by a German kitchen manufacturer making 10,000 kitchens a week; you can be certain that it’s proven to not only be reliable but widely accepted as a desirable kitchen element.

Today, more than ever; consumer’s changing lifestyles are demanding more from their use of living and kitchen spaces. These demands are quicker and easier accessibility, better use of storage space and more efficient preparation areas; not only in the kitchen but surrounding areas. Unlike other kitchen wire systems, this sturdy German designed and built range has all the strength, functionality and European design style demanded by customers seeking greater storage solutions, easy cleaning and the durability to last for many years.