The future of flooring installation has arrived and it’s fast and adhesive-free. Forbo’s family of Fast Flooring solutions are adhesive-free floor coverings, which are quick and easy to install whilst also being sustainable due to their reusable and/or recyclable nature.

  • Quick turnaround with minimal disruption
  • Floors can be walked on immediately
  • Easy to remove and replace, without subfloor damage
  • Available in a large choice of formats, designs

Developed as a portfolio to help overcome various commercial project challenges, from problematic subfloors to demanding project timelines.

Which specific products are in Forbo’s adhesive-free Fast Flooring collection?

The products available within the Fast Flooring collections include:

  • Modul’up vinyl sheet
  • Allura Puzzle interlocking tile
  • Allura Colour Plus interlocking tile (indent)
  • Colorex Plus EC | Plus Basic | Plus R10 interlocking tile (indent)
  • Surestep Safety Fast Fit vinyl sheet

Why can these products be installed without adhesive?

These tile and sheet products have been specifically developed and engineered to provide robust hard wearing flooring options suitable for all types of commercial areas.

The loose-lay sheet products have integral glass fibre reinforcement to provide in-use dimensional stability and the tiles are manufactured with market-leading innovative secure interlocking systems to ensure a trouble-free installation and peace of mind during use.

How much time can be saved by installing Fast Flooring products?

On an initial installation, using 100 m² of Fast Flooring products rather than conventional ‘stick down’ vinyl can reduce your installation time by over 50% and save up to 2.5 days of downtime for your customer for areas up to 100 m².

When the time comes to renovate Fast Flooring on a like-for-like basis, the savings in costs and downtime are even more remarkable as the examples opposite clearly show.

What tools are required on-site for a Fast Flooring product installation?

You will only need standard installation tools to fit the floor coverings in this collection, with the addition of a mallet for Allura Puzzle, Allura Colour Plus and Colorex Plus, a roll of Modul’up unique single-sided tape system when fitting Modul’up products and a roll of Forbo’s double-sided tape when fitting Surestep Fast Fit. You won’t need to bring any heavy rollers on site either as they are not required.

Is Fast Flooring truly adhesive-free?

Yes! There is no need for any type of adhesive for any of the Fast Flooring products. This is good news as it is in the area of adhesive application that most installation issues tend to occur.

YES! There is no need for any type of adhesive where most installation issues tend to occur for any of the Fast Flooring products – which is great for those who are looking for an easy, hassle-free, and quick installation process.

When the time comes to replace a Fast Fit floor, there’s no adhesion or residue to worry about and the subfloor is left clean and sound for repeat installation.

Can any of the Fast Flooring products be used in areas of high point loading and where forklift trucks operate?

Allura Puzzle, Allura Colour Plus, Colorex Plus EC, Plus Basic and Plus R10 are all high-performance flooring systems suitable for installation in locations where heavy wheeled traffic such as forklifts is in use.

Please visit to download the installation guidance notes for the Fast Fit collection. For any questions on our Fast Fit products contact us on 1800 224 471 or

Article by Forbo Flooring Systems