The ALPHACAM Global Management Team is excited to announce the launch of AC Australia CAD CAM Solutions Pty Ltd to lead the sales & service of ALPHACAM in Australia. AC Australia is a dedicated effort to promote and grow ALPHACAM solutions across Australia and expand across multiple industries.

Blake McCrossen has been appointed National Brand Manager for AC Australia. As the National Brand Manager, he will drive all ALPHACAM activities across Australia. Discussions are underway with both existing & potential customers to better educate manufactures on how ALPHACAM can increase the automation and accuracy of their production processes.

The objective for AC Australia is to increase commitment to all ALPHACAM users within Australia. A key focus to the growth of ALPHACAM in Australia is to combine the strong brand recognition it has internationally and its successes, with the diversity of the software, to reach into broader markets and industries. By working closely with industry partners, they aim to provide a complete business solution to suit a variety of manufacturing needs.

AC Australia is backed by the infrastructure and resources of Planit Cutting Edge Solutions, ensuring a platform for strong growth and expansion. Customers will continue to have access to Planit’s Help Desk services, alongside Blake’s guidance.

The ALPHACAM Global Development team recently released ALPHACAM 2020.0 to the public. This new version is led by major enhancements in post-processed simulation, automation, and advanced 5-Axis features within ALPHACAM. Blake is excited to take customers through these new features and explain the improvements they can make to production processes.

Following the launch, Blake commented; “I’m excited to see this new initiative take off. After seeing ALPHACAM used in a production business, I can see how ALPHACAM will benefit others. The advancement in Automation with ALPHACAM is going to be something many businesses will benefit from within their production systems. AC Australia gives us a strong foundation to best serve Australian businesses”.

Global Director for ALPHACAM, Richard Chappell, commented “I’m excited to see this next chapter of ALPHACAM in Australia. There is plenty of potential to see ALPHACAM expand and be a vital manufacturing tool for Australian businesses. We are all behind this great new initiative.”