In another exciting development for The Stirling Group, they have now become the authorised Australia and New Zealand distributors of Casadei Busellato woodworking machinery. The Italian manufacturer’s product line includes 5-axis CNCs, wide belt sanders, spindle moulders, thicknessers, surfacers and sliding table saws, and more.

The Stirling Group’s Craig Honeyman says the distributorship represents yet another way the Group can service customers’ needs with high-quality machinery.

“We’re making a strong foray into the furniture and joinery industry,” he says. “We originally brought on Bacci, another incredible Italian machinery manufacturer, as a starting point, and we’ve had our eyes on a couple of other suppliers. Casadei Busellato fulfils the complete range for us.”

Aside from the company’s longstanding reputation for excellence, another compelling feature of Casadei Busellato is that it offers versatility along the spectrum of business size and output. As such, The Stirling Group can support customers utilising very simple manual operations through to industry-leading technology-driven machines.

“With Casadei Busellato on board, we can service businesses from sole traders through to high-volume manufacturers,” Craig explains. “We can cater for anyone going into CNC for the first time, right up to quite intricate 5-axis CNC work. And we can supply traditional machinery as well as the high-end automated equipment.”

Leon Botes, Group Product development Manager for The Stirling Group says the Casadei Busellato offering opens up a wide array of options for customers.

Wide belt sanders

Six models of wide belt sanders are on offer, starting with the Libra 10, catering for small artisan shops right up to the Libra 65X for large factories requiring high production rates.

The Libra 45 model will be an excellent addition to most factories, equipped with technologies that are usually only available on larger machines, which makes it a very versatile machine for small to medium size factories.

“A unique feature we are really excited about,” Leon says, “is their Sanding Belt/Feed Mat Optimising System. This feature shows the operator the optimal position to place the workpiece to optimise the sanding belt and feed mat wear by means of coloured LEDs.”

Classic machines

Casadei Busellato offers three ranges, starting with the basic range with manual adjusting through to the top range offering NC adjusting and electronic programming, ensuring quick and precise setups.

The F235 Spindle Moulder will be a welcome option for small to large factories, equipped with NC adjustment for the spindle and fence positioning and the option to add an HSK spindle for quick tool changes.

“We’re particularly thrilled with the heavy-duty independent tenon table for the spindle moulder. It provides the ability to process large tenons with a cutter diameter of up to 300mm.”

5-axis CNC

There are two models in pod and rail CNCs, starting with the Jet Elite, available in 3- or 4-axis, with a set working area of 3115mm x 1320mm. The Jet Master T is available in 3-, 4-, and 5-axis, with a maximum working area of up to 5515mm x 1620mm.

Leon says the Jet Master T–XL will be a particularly attractive solution for door and staircase manufacturers, offering a 5515mm long X-axis, ideal for machining long frames and stringers.

“We know our customers will be excited by the IMCs (Interchangeable Modular Cups), supporting the whole range of vacuum pods and clamps and offering the flexibility to use the best-suited support for any application.”

The Panel Tools connection

On the CNC side, Panel Tools (The Stirling Group’s CNC tooling business) will be supplying the tooling package to go with the Casadei Busellato machines. Panel Tools specialises in supplying CNC tools and producing custom tools for the flat panel and solid timber manufacturing industries. Its co-founder and co-director, Fraser Killen, says there is an obvious synergy in the partnership.

“We see Panel Tools as being another jewel in the crown for The Stirling Group’s Casadei Busellato distributorship,” he says. “Even the most elite machinery in the world can only be as good as the tooling used with it. We are already known by our customers to go the extra mile to help. Not only is our tooling of the highest quality, but we also provide custom tooling options to suit specific purposes.”

A holistic offering

Leon says that bringing together The Stirling Group, Casadei Busellato, and Panel Tools creates a powerful supply line for customers in the furniture and joinery industry.

“Having them all under the one umbrella is fantastic,” he says. “When we talk about supplying multiple machines to the same customer, all from the same brand, it makes it easier to interlink the equipment. Also, when customers set up a brand new factory, if we can accommodate that with the same brand of machinery throughout, it streamlines everything.”

Craig is keen to point out that the Casadei Busellato distributorship means The Stirling Group can also look after the manufacturer’s existing customers in Australia and New Zealand.

“Honestly, Casadei Busellato machines are built to last and offer many years of reliable service,” he says. “In terms of support, maintenance, and servicing, we’re here for all Australian and New Zealand Casadei Busellato users. If they have questions, we’ll have answers. If they need special tooling, we’ll have that too. I can’t emphasise enough how powerful this relationship is. We look forward to introducing the Casadei Busellato excellence to customers all over the two countries.”