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The value of a circular economy 

GECA, Supplier Magazine|

Article by GECA A common misconception is that the circular economy is a synonym for a waste reduction strategy. However, it is far more radical than that. Talking about the circular economy only through a lens of waste reduction is like discussing the complexity of ecosystems exclusively in terms of [...]

Are you ready for Australia’s circular future?

Flooring Magazine, GECA|

Embracing the transition to a circular economy in Australia is a significant step toward achieving a better future for people and our planet. Businesses and organisations that do not adopt a circular approach will be left behind. The good news is that environmental labels are globally recognised tools that can [...]

GECA – identifying environmentally and socially preferable products

Flooring Magazine, GECA|

Whether you are making or purchasing flooring, your choices can significantly impact people and our planet. GECA's lifecycle ecolabel standards include criteria for a wide range of environmental issues, human health and social impacts while proving that they perform as promised. Let us explore how our Floor Coverings and Carpets [...]

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