ASB GlassFloor is renowned for innovative sports floors. Another important field of work is architectural solutions where glass surfaces with LED video elements open new possibilities. ASB’s Managing Director Christof Babinsky developed a room installation for ORGATEC 2018 with internationally acclaimed artist Marc Gumpinger that displays the creative possibilities.

Lifestyle magazine ‘The Hedonist’ named Gumpinger “Artist of the Moment” last year. If Gumpinger is artist of the moment, then ASB GlassFloor must be “Enterprise of the Moment” with their LED equipped glass floors. ASB enhances playfields during sports events where within seconds a handball field is transformed into a football field and during break-time, the floor offers new sources of income as advertising space. Christof Babinsky paved the way to a digitally enhanced sports and event floor saying “The digital version is the future, but with the sports and event version we are only taking advantage of one small portion of the possibilities.”

The fact that the glass floor can be applied for revolutionary cutting-edge solutions in architecture was demonstrated at the beginning of this year when ASB provided an installation at the Irish Microsoft headquarter. A virtual waterfall welcomes visitors there, which gives the impression of falling down four flights of stairs into a digital lake. The idea was realized with LED and glass elements that can be controlled via plug & play through an HDMI interface. You can see our article on this in the last edition of Flooring Magazine; it’s well worth a look on the website

Gumpinger and Babinsky developed a room installation which will be presented to the public during ORGATEC in Cologne from 23rd to 27th October this year. Marc Gumpinger describes the walk-in installation, which Christof Babinsky will furnish as a cube entirely made of glass with special coating, as a “pioneering liaison of novelty”. Over 800,000 LEDs will be implemented behind glass and triggered by an algorithm from Marc Gumpinger. Light no longer only serves as illumination, but as definition of space.

The installation is objet d’art as well as inspirational for a new dimension of interior design. “We are opening up new possibilities” says Babinsky. “Innovative companies, hotels, restaurants, but also design oriented private entities can use our concepts to upgrade their spaces.” Gumpinger adds, “Architects and fitters are challenged with giving our new digital working culture a corresponding ambiance. Studio Gumpinger and ASB Architectural represent a visionary concept for the working environment of tomorrow’s achievers.”