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Progress in 2020: Where to from here?


Returning from the holidays, the warehouse is full of stock (ie. cash) that continues to present a challenge for tile businesses to keep turning over, writes Bryan Vadas. Stock is like fine fillet steak. A tasty morsel when we first see it on the menu, but not getting any better as it sits and waits. [...]

Progress in 2020: Where to from here?2020-03-25T16:25:10+11:00

A villa gets the Ceramiche treatment


In Austin, Texas, a US city famous for its live music, a private villa has been constructed where the American soul cohabits with Italian tiling tradition. Ceramiche Caesar was the chosen supplier for a portfolio of Italian-made porcelain stoneware that clad areas of the villa. Various naturally-inspired textured effects, selected from the Tale, Trace, Absolute, [...]

A villa gets the Ceramiche treatment2020-03-25T16:17:53+11:00

Gibbon Group – 100 years of relationships & synergies


100 years and five generations of the Gibbon family have resulted in the Gibbon Group of today – a Wholesale Distributor of best-in-category commercial carpets, along with superior flooring installation accessories for the flooring trade.  Gibbon Group is proud to be Australian-owned, managed by Ainsley Gibbon, 4th generation, with her two daughters Georgia and Celia [...]

Gibbon Group – 100 years of relationships & synergies2020-03-25T16:10:49+11:00

Concrete Expansion Joints and resilient flooring


In some circumstances flooring installers are instructed to install bonded resilient floorcoverings over cover concrete movement joints. This could be in commercial or residential projects. The explanations below are to help avoid problems when concrete joint terminologies are not fully understood or where similar terminologies are used to describe the same or similar concrete joints. [...]

Concrete Expansion Joints and resilient flooring2020-03-25T16:07:16+11:00

Mike Dunn: Fallen Icon


Mike Dunn was truly a giant of the flooring industry. A true leader who you could never underestimate, Mike always rose above expectations. Sadly, he recently passed but his wife of fifty years, Maureen, shares his inspirational story. Mike Dunn can best be described as good family man and businessman. His school English master said [...]

Mike Dunn: Fallen Icon2020-03-25T16:02:10+11:00

Adhesives Guide 2020


Flooring Magazine sat down with industry stalwarts Australian Flooring Supplies to discuss the flooring adhesives market. Here’s what they had to say. The adhesives market has changed dramatically over recent years as manufacturers have raced to keep speed with ever evolving flooring products. New manufacturing methods, new raw materials and a consumer demand for better [...]

Adhesives Guide 20202020-03-25T15:56:52+11:00

Esprit – the new SDN range


Cavalier Bremworth has announced the launch of Esprit – the newest edition to its synthetic Habitat Collection range in New Zealand. As a heavyweight hard twist cut pile made from Stainmaster SolarMax SDN fibre, it feels luxurious underfoot and provides maximum comfort. As with all of Cavalier Bremworth’s Stainmaster SolarMax carpets, Esprit has excellent stain [...]

Esprit – the new SDN range2015-11-10T13:51:55+11:00

Flooring virtuoso


Gerflor has added more choice and features to the tile and plank market with the launch of two finely tuned new Virtuo ranges. The two pronged attack on this growing market segment is designed to give homemakers the versatility to choose the right solution for their particular sub floor and climatic conditions. Gerflor Product Marketing [...]

Flooring virtuoso2015-11-10T13:59:42+11:00

Carpet Court inspiration on Instagram


Carpet Court is tapping into the power of visuals to engage consumers on a new level with Instagram. Launched in July, the brand’s Instagram profile boosts its already rich social media mix, adding a new dimension to the design inspiration it delivers to consumers, according to Carpet Court’s National Marketing Manager, Natasha Gallardo. She believes [...]

Carpet Court inspiration on Instagram2017-03-22T20:28:35+11:00

Hello world!


Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Hello world!2015-10-20T09:28:59+11:00
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