It is a brave business that bucks a growing trend in consumer demand and stakes their future on excluding themselves from a segment of their industry, but EC Carpets did just that. Manufacturing carpets in the Adelaide suburb of Edwardstown, SA, for over 50 years, they saw the market in the ’80s and ’90s trending towards cut pile carpets. Yet they decided to focus on what they believed was the better product and, more importantly, their true passion – loop pile carpets. The market may still be divided on cut versus loop, but EC Carpets’ decision to follow that passion has seen them become specialists in loop pile, with a range, reliability and reputation that is trusted at all levels of the industry; on both the national and international stage.

“With a saturated international market offering cut pile and loop pile carpets of various qualities, we made a strategic decision to differentiate ourselves as an Australian owned business. We chose to manufacture only the highest-quality product possible – and that meant producing 100% Australian-made loop pile carpets,” said Colin Grace, Sales Director.

EC Carpets’ focus has always been on the spaces people live, learn and work in. They want to inspire happiness with their carpets, giving people a flexible and creative tool to really transform the experience of a space. Their success in pursuit of this goal has depended on understanding the increasing demands of the market and resulted in the development of an extensive range of loop pile carpets that offer a choice of fibres, designs and colours to suit all styles and needs. But it is their peace-of-mind promise that has proven to be one of their strongest selling points.

“We know people live their lives from the floor up, and we want them to love their carpet, so our entire range is track resistant,” said Colin. “You’ll never have a consumer complaining about unsightly shading marks left behind by footprints and daily use with our carpets. They’re designed to be practical, functional, and hardwearing – as well as soft to the touch.”

With over 55 years in the industry, the EC Carpets brand has been built on the strength and quality of their products and services, but also on trust.

“We stand behind every carpet we sell, and retailers and consumers alike can rest assured that our carpets will perform as promised; looking great today, because they’re designed to perform for tomorrow, and engineered to last”.

EC Carpets continue to be driven by their passion for loop pile carpet, and are proud of their reputation in the market. But it was their recent award from Choices Flooring as ‘Carpet Supplier of the Year’ that proved they’d made the right decision many years ago.

Colin explains, “Loop is our passion, we really do love it, so much so, that it’s become our new marketing campaign- ‘Love the Loop’. We feel it successfully communicates our company’s position, and we hope consumers will identify with it, and feel confident in their choice of an EC Carpet.”