At AWISA we sought out the newest innovations to be awarded a Gold Star. Let’s now take a look at some of the other products that have attracted attention at recent overseas shows.

At AWISA in Melbourne, Supplier Magazine sought out the most innovative, the most useful and the most significant new products that add to the woodworking industry’s armoury of products and equipment. There are many trade shows worldwide; in fact there’s at least one a week ranging from the world’s biggest to smaller, regional shows. Most shows incorporate some sort of recognition for new products and equipment but there are a few awards given outside of these.

At AWISA we awarded a Gold Star to Holz-Her for the Multi-Function tool for automatic edge banders. The tool was a finalist at the IWF Challengers award. A Gold Star was awarded to Nover for the Fenix Nano Technology surface. It won the Best of the Best award at Interzum 2015. A Gold Star was awarded to Woodtron for the Cube panel warehouse system. This is a product that was shown first in Australia. A Gold Star was awarded to Titus for the Titusonic Ultrasound fastening using sonic rivets. A Gold Star was awarded to Biesse for the Opera R robotic sander to replace artisan skills.

IWF (Atlanta) has just concluded the 2016 show and the awards there are known as the Challengers Award.

Winners there were:

  • Bacci America’s CNC router for shaping and sanding cabinet doors outside profile;
  • Biesse America won again for the Viet robotic sanding of cross grain, wood or painted doors;
  • Fastenlink won for the Fastenlink fastening system;
  • Giben won for the Anderson CNC router;
  • Holz-Her won for the LTRONIC edge-banding technology;
  • LMT Onsrud won for the Polaris Compression cutting tools;
  • Salice America won for the Salice Air (small size) hinge.

Xylexpo (Milan) bestow the Xia-Xylexpo awards in the solid timber, panel and finishing categories. In 2016 first prizes went to Griggio for the Unica Safe panel saw; SCM for the Stefani J-shape edge banding solution and Cefla for the iGiottoApp articulated spray robot. Supplier Magazine gave the Griggio machine an honourable mention in Melbourne. Second places went to Imal for a device that detects defects in panel products; Biesse for their heat control device for measuring glue temperature for edge banding and Biesse again for the Viet Opera R sanding machine (Supplier also gave the Viet machine a Gold Star in Melbourne).

Third prizes went to Salvador for a sofa production line; Metal World for its metal cleaning device and EMC for the R-Evo rotary sanding superfinishing machine.

It’s notable that all prizes went to Italian companies.