Gallaria is a Sydney based company that manufactures a number of marble product lines. It says it can literally create any design from marble, which is where the collaboration process with its designers starts.

It has also launched its own brand called Mamo, which houses a collection of ready to order marble basins, baths and furniture for the bathroom. The range is used in many high-end and stylish bathrooms in Australia, with each design a statement piece, and made to belong-lasting.

The Atollo is a luxury freestanding bath, created to bring “next level’ elegance and relaxation into homes. This specially carved artisan piece features soft curved edges that have been handcrafted in-house using CNC machining, then skilfully hand finished and treated with anti-stain products to ensure it will be in perfect condition for years to come.

Available in five finishes so that end-users can channel their ultimate dream day spa moment with the white marble Bianco Carrara, feel the warmth of natural surrounds with the earthy toned Silver Travertine or create a presence with the black and white organic marble swirl of Juparana. The matte Shanxi Black captures modern elegance or there is true luxury with the sleek Dark Jade.

The Legno basin is also a daring choice for those wanting to add a hint of marble to their bathroom. Imitating the appearance of wood, the surface and shape of the Legno basin exudes luxury and could easily pass as an objet d’arte in the bathroom.

The marble surface is honed to finish, meaning it’s carefully grounded and smoothed to leave a matte look. This is a traditional process often used when dealing with marble. It loses any shine and touching it can be likened to the feeling of sandstone. The shape on the other hand is a modern-day interpretation of an oval or vessel style basin.

While its appearance is visually arresting, the basin’s veins highlight the traditional aspect of this material. Coloured marble often has various impurities such as clay, sand and iron oxides that present as grains or layers in the limestone. These grains are unique to every piece of marble, meaning no basin will ever look alike.

The Legno basin (pictured) is an extension of Gallaria’s Mamo brand.