Industry leaders in the development of qualifications, the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) supports and delivers training for career seekers, apprentices, employers and stakeholders in the building and construction industry in New Zealand.

BCITO covers 15 trades, including timber flooring, and supports employers by ensuring the building construction industry has the skilled workforce it needs for the future.  BCITO organises the delivery of qualification programmes as well as mentoring and supporting apprentices and employers who train their staff. It also helps businesses grow by supporting their people while they are learning skills on the job, so they become valuable, successful tradespeople.

BCITO Chief Executive, Warwick Quinn says, “Sure, we produce people with certificates that say they have mastered the skills of their chosen trade, but it’s what’s behind that certificate that we treasure most. What we really build are careers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and families, confident and self -respecting people.  We inspire employers to be a little better, and apprentices to reach a little further, setting them on a path for a good life. We build the people who will be the backbone of our country. Qualified, capable, confident contributors to New Zealand.”

How do BCITO managed apprenticeships work?

Your employer will train you on the job. They will ensure your work is up to standard, and that you cover the required scope of work to complete the qualification. You will also receive a set of workbooks with modules related to your practical work onsite. There are also block courses you need to attend during your apprenticeship. You can gather and show evidence of your skills and knowledge through your day-to-day work activities. You will be assigned a BCITO Training Advisor who will support and guide you through the qualification and assessments.

How does training help build a successful business?

Training motivates employees to achieve because they feel more invested in the work they are doing.  It is great for businesses because it encourages staff retention and creates a positive work culture.

What about people who have existing flooring experience?

BCITO qualifications and programmes are not just for people who are new to the industry and need to learn from scratch. If you have been working in the flooring industry for some time, BCITO can assess your existing skills and abilities against the standards required so you can trade up and get a formal qualification.   All you need to do is provide the required evidence.

What will you learn?

With BCITO’s National Certificate in Flooring (Level 4) there are many specialties to choose from. This qualification covers:

Core competencies

  • Characteristics of chemicals
  • Producing scale plans
  • Assessing moisture content
  • Examining and evaluating substrates
  • Identifying hazards
  • Legislation and regulatory stands

Elective sections – choose the combination that covers everything you do at work.

  • Carpet installation
  • Fine sand and finishes
  • Resilient flooring installation
  • Substrate preparation
  • Timber overlay installation
  • Resin flooring application

With a dire skills shortage and high demand for qualified professionals in New Zealand, there has never been a better time to get a formal qualification.

Get in touch with BCITO to find out more about training an apprentice or getting your existing skills and experience recognised.