Benjamin Franklin is credited with the quote, “Time is money, waste it now, pay for it later!” In the competitive kitchen, bathroom, and cabinet industries there is no truer saying. Most manufacturers have full control over their cabinet manufacture but when it comes to the benchtop, it’s an entirely different matter. The ability to efficiently order and get the benchtop to the site when you need it leads directly to customer satisfaction and quick job turnaround. Here, time really is money.

Who is Benchtop Express?

Benchtop Express is the union of two highly successful, multi-generational cabinet-focused companies with eighty years combined expertise and knowledge in both the manufacture of cabinets and the supply of components. Steedform and Amorini Australia bring together the best the industry has to offer in a new and exciting Australian first; the supply of benchtops made to measure in a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround from order to dispatch. Benchtop Express has taken the best the European and international Kitchen and Bathroom industry has to offer and customised it for the Australian cabinet industry.

Established this year by the highly experienced Matthew Rasheed, Chris Bosley and their respective teams and launching January 2021, this ground-breaking benchtop supply innovation is ready to set peak standards of guaranteed customer service. Benchtop Express know and understand what the cabinet industry needs and has the equipment, resources, and product to supply an unheard-of three hundred kitchens per day Australia-wide from launch on day one! Benchtop Express offers experience, a long-standing relationship with their suppliers, a wide range of benchtop products, ease of ordering, competitive pricing and guaranteed 48-hour dispatch on the entire product offering.

Benchtop Express’s wide range of fully stocked products covers the entire cabinet industry. Tight radius 38mm laminate, 20mm Mirostone solid surface, 12mm Compact Laminate imported direct from Germany and sourced locally in Australia, and 30mm Dekton® Lite from Cosentino of Spain round out their unique depth of products. Dekton® Lite is an innovative, ultra-compact surface that provide the surfaces with unique aesthetic and functional features. It’s the first ultralight modular worktop with high functionality and design and as a cut to size solution from Benchtop Express, is a World-first.

How does it work?

Time is money, the best-case scenario for the consistent supply of benchtops is currently seven to ten days. Benchtop Express will blow this out of the water with a guaranteed 48-hour timeframe from placing the order to dispatch. Interest is extremely high in every state, every capital city, and regional areas around the country. Already, some customers have committed to placing orders of 50 to 60 kitchens a week based on the range of products and the promise of 48-hour dispatch. No one in Australia can make a commitment to such a short dispatch time and yes, it’s a promise Matthew, Chris and the team are committed to.

Ordering can be done 24/7 through the Benchtop Express portal on the web. Due to the industry-leading system, the process of entering dimensions, position of joins, and cut-outs for sinks and other appliances is simple and straightforward. Input errors are identified immediately through built-in failsafe’s. When the design is complete you get an instant price for every product and every design in the extensive range, plus the delivery charge. Imagine the jobs you could win by having an instant cost for your benchtops, a process that could normally take days or even weeks; especially for products other than laminate.

Benchtop Express presents a fully optimised and value-added benchtop solution widely used and trusted in Europe and New Zealand but enhanced for Australian manufacturers. Benchtop Express not only have their own German and Italian CNC machinery to process your order; but have backups for every process. If you are going to promise a guaranteed dispatch of any product in the extensive range within 48-hours of receiving the order you need extensive warehousing, guaranteed manufacturing capabilities and a solid commitment to your customers to back up such a promise.

Successful manufacturers work closely with professional trade partners able to guarantee continuity of supply and promised delivery times. Benchtop Express exclusive products are sourced from the world’s leading quality suppliers with an existing 30+year relationship and a well-established commitment to Australia. Through their robust systems, continuity of supply at competitive prices is guaranteed through purchasing economies of scale. Benchtop Express are trade focused, system driven, proudly Australian and globally educated. They are laser-focused on their value-added benchtop solution and the complete satisfaction of their customers.

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