Just last month BESSEY Clamps launched their next generation of the REVO body clamp. The well-established REVO body clamp from BESSEY has been refreshed with added power and safety features. It clamps and expands workpieces with fragile surfaces in a powerful but gentle manner.

With up to 8,000 Newtons of clamping force, the new REVO KRE body clamp has a powerful grip thanks to its metal-reinforced plastic housing and optimised sliding arm. The double slide protection holds the clamp reliably with the set clamping force and prevents any unintentional slipping of the sliding arm when in the unclamped position. In addition, the innovative body clamp design has an ergonomically shaped twin-component plastic grip with an internal hex. This enables you to apply the clamping force in a convenient manner with a maximum tightening torque of 17 Nm.

The new body clamp is universally applicable and allows you to clamp in locations that conventional screw clamps are unable to reach. The large clamping surfaces sit at right angles to the rail and have three removable and glue resistant protective caps. The two detachable work piece supports can be shifted along the rail to elevate fragile wood surfaces from the rail surface. These prevent the grooved steel rail from making contact with the workpiece. The clamp is available in clamping widths ranging from 30 cm up to 2.5 metres. The variable model is equipped with an infinitely adjustable top section that can be shifted at the touch of a button and both models are equipped with an end stop that can be removed without the need for tools. As a result, removing the sliding arm from the rail and repositioning it for an extension application is very straightforward.

The clever BESSEY accessories are compatible with both the older and newer generation of clamps and pave the way for many other potential applications. For example, by using the KBX extension, two clamps can be combined to increase the clamping width up to a maximum of 5 metres. BESSEY clamps are able to clamp at angles other than 90 degrees; are capable of clamping frames and also to secure the clamp and the workpiece to a work-bench.

BESSEY have a long tradition of producing innovative, practical product solutions for a wide range of applications. Since the cold drawn steel plant was founded in Stuttgart in 1889, the Bietigheim-Bissingen based company continues to raise the bar in clamping and cutting technology. Currently offering more than 1,600 products, BESSEY has a specific solution for practically every application. In 2014 BESSEY celebrated its 125-year jubilee. BESSEY clamps are available from stockists all around Australia.