All smiles at Biesse Group last year as newly appointed CEO for Australia and New Zealand Michael Bullock; President of Biesse Group Roberto Selci; Biesse Wood Division Director/Sales-Subsidiaries Division Director Federico Broccoli and Biesse Group Director of Marketing and Communication, Raphaël Prati posed for the trade media.

Federico Broccoli introduced Michael with some background as to what Australia means to the Biesse Group. He said “We have been over 30 years in Australia and this Country has been a pillar for our business. Along with the United States, Australia was one of our first and most important overseas markets starting with Allwood Machinery under John Cover and Jake Martin. Today we are the company with the largest market share; in 2017 we achieved $42 million in sales in this Country.” Federico continued to speak about the new campus opening in Sydney with 5,000 square metres of showroom and training rooms and a further 1,500 square metres of logistics area.

Federico is no stranger to Australia, travelling here several times a year. He says “Your furniture industry is moving very fast and we need to keep up with you guy’s. We have two types of customers, those buying their first piece of high-tech equipment and the second who are ready to invest in more machines. These people are looking for automated systems and robotised machines. In Milan Biesse exhibited several automated cells for what we call our ‘automacted customers’ because these people want to step up to leaner, safer and more productive manufacturing; often with less space. Biesse equipment is always heading in the direction our customers need.”

Michael Bullock is the new CEO for Biesse Group Australia and New Zealand. With a 16-year history in the elevator industry the first the question is ‘where is the similarity.’ The answer; ‘service’ and there are few industries where service is more important than that of elevating people in high-rise structures. An elevator break down is a very serious issue and Michael has worked to ensure that systems and procedures are in place to make sure a break down never happens. If it’s one thing that the furniture industry needs is service and in Michael Bullock, Biesse has someone who for all intents and purposes is a service expert.

Michael said “I am very impressed with the strong product range; the quality of manufacturing and the high energy of Biesse.” “My priority is going to be service” he says. “Our customers don’t just want a machine; they want a solution for their manufacturing needs. They want a partner who will provide the service they need for whatever life they expect from their equipment. Our customers expect value for money and they expect the productivity promised.” Michael admits he has a big job ahead of him but with a good team behind him, he looks forward to meeting expectations.