Our industry is changing as a result of advancements in technology. We are now quicker to embrace new tech as history has proven its place in our businesses. Products that not long ago were only considered a convenience or luxury, are instead now a necessity. So why do we put up with obstacles in our business? Perhaps they have been there for so long that you no longer see them as problems, they have just managed to camouflage their way into your routine.

BookIT is shining a light on these obstacles and providing a simple and effective solution. BookIT is an industry specific, project management tool that will help streamline and reorganise your processes. BookIT ensures effective communication between internal staff members, installers & customers in live time. Using BookIT, you don’t have to tackle every problem at once. You can use parts or all of the program depending on what issues you wish to address at a time that is convenient for you.

Below are just some of the topics BookIT can help you cover.


Often taken for granted, samples are lost, damaged or simply forgotten. For those who do ensure they have shelves full of product, it often involves time consuming phone calls having to remind customers to bring the samples back to the store in a timely fashion. If sampling is a pain point for your business, let BookIT take care of it. BookIT can automatically alert you and your customer if the samples have been borrowed for too long. Set automatic reminders to yourself and the customer informing them to return those samples in a timely fashion.


How great are those Doctor appointment and Car Service Reminders? Have you ever wanted to incorporate them into your business? BookIT will automatically send measure appointment reminders, via text message and email, directly to your clients hours or days before the appointment. Ensure your customers are ready for every appointment scheduled. Not only that, but once the measurer is onsite, a customised scope of work and checklist can be completed, as well as photos or other documents uploaded instantly to the project. You can now document and photo any existing damage at the point of the measure, or perhaps start creating some great before and after shots.


How many hours a week you spend on the phone to installers? Using BookIT’s installation calendar, you and the installer will spend less time on the phone. You no longer need to phone the installer to find that available date. Think of BookIT’s installation calendar like hotel bookings online. You only see the days available, and the bookings you have made. The installer, once a job has been booked in, can now see exactly what they have on, ensuring they are prepared for the week ahead. They are notified instantly of any critical changes via the BookIT Installer app.

Last Minute

If you aren’t convinced yet, BookIT has plenty more to offer. What about for those urgent times where an installer calls in sick. Using BookIT’s last minute function, you can post jobs to a variety of installers in specific locations. Installers can apply for the job, and you can view their profiles, rates, qualifications and references prior to accepting their application.

For some, making the change to go digital and parting ways with the diary or whiteboard is not an easy one. We have been reliant on our current processes for so long, it is easy to ignore alternative solutions. Well, BookIT is a simple to use, affordable, and effective solution to streamline current processes in your business, ensuring problems are dealt with in the most efficient way possible. BookIT will help save you time and money.