Cabiseal is the very clever idea of Damian Harpantidis, a furniture and cabinet maker based in the Melbourne suburb of Surrey Hills. The idea of a cover plate for dishwasher inlet/outlet hoses, came about when Damian saw a need to increase the standard of finish for his clients. Damian said, “We were installing thirty and forty thousand-dollar kitchens and on some large projects, drilling hundreds of holes in a year just to leave them all open. It was an accepted trade practice, but I wanted something better.”

And so, after some research and development; patenting the idea and commissioning a die, Damian presented Cabiseal to the Australian kitchen industry, initially through Lincoln Sentry. It is estimated that 380,000 dishwashers a year are installed in Australia, with Cabiseal now servicing over 40,000 of those each year and rising in number. It’s a fifteen-dollar accessory that offers cabinetmakers and designers the opportunity to increase finish quality.

Cabiseal is entirely manufactured right here in Australia by Damian’s company, Harp Industries, employing other family and local small businesses. It’s made from chemical-resistant ABS plastic; it’s self-locating and easy to install; it’s re-usable and recyclable. It can be installed on-site after drilling a double hole in the cabinet base but ideally, the opening can be pre-cut on a CNC machine when the cabinet is being manufactured; an idea introduced by Harp Industries in 2013.

Damian was recently assisted on a new dishwasher installation video-clip by Biesse Group from their Sydney Campus. Tests revealed one hour’s machining of the Cabiseal standardised cut-out in the factory could save up to four full day’s work on large multi occupancy projects. Soon to be released, Miele, Laminex and InstallEx also contributed in creating the industry guide as a demonstration of best practice. Another positive attribute to employing the Cabiseal system of a pre allocated opening with accompanying cover plate is the assurance of an approved repeatable and compliant method leaving no room for error, or jagged holes damaging supply hoses.

Damian’s passion for the wood trades started with his Grandpa. Damian would help out in the workshop from a very early age. For a while he considered wood carving as his major pursuit until his father talked him into cabinetmaking. In TAFE Damian won the top apprentice craftsmanship award at Holmesglen Institute, returning since to sponsor a similar award and paying back the positive experience he remembers. Having completed additional courses to give himself the greatest spread of skills possible, he has been active in many related fields. From making Louis 14th furniture replica’s, to kitchen and bathroom manufacture, to wood carving and much more, Damian is prepared to ‘have a go’ at almost anything and is always interested to collaborate on projects and learn something new.

He particularly likes doing projects that are not necessarily attractive as a business proposition, things that others would say were too crazy. This is what makes Damian the craftsperson he is, practising lost techniques like traditional gilding, using hide glue, and steam bending. Damian is driven by his passion for the Arts but is also appreciated for his common sense and ingenuity. Cabiseal is a recognised success but Damian isn’t finished yet, there’s more to come. Cabiseal is distributed by leading cabinet hardware suppliers including Lincoln Sentry; Furnware Group; Dorset Australia; Wilson & Bradley; Nikpol and Galvin Hardware