Every year, CDK Stone showcases an extensive range of machinery, tools and equipment at its Open House events.

Safety and the inclusion of technology into stone fabrication were the main topics discussed at CDK Stone’s recent annual event that was held at its Melbourne head office recently.

“Safety is a real issue within our industry and with growing concern about Silicosis, CDK Stone wants to inform the industry about its risks…Our OH&S expert led the discussion on the dangers of Silicosis and potential health risks. The presentation looked at alternative fabrication processes and Silica exposure reducing practices to better keep our practitioners safe,” explains national marketing manager, Simon Terpstra.

“Another focus of our industry presentations was software and how it can be used to increase our customers’ businesses. Many industries have been revolutionised through technology and the stone industry is no exception. With a complete automated machinery setup, many businesses can increase output and more easily manage their equipment. Through the use of software, they can more easily manage stone production and processing. From CNC processing to warehousing slabs, we discussed how using software can increase efficiency as well as production. The software featured was Maintabase and SeKon software.”

Discussions also centred around the key changes around automation. CDK Stone believes there has been a growing interest in automated machinery and equipment that allows increased productivity, without increasing labour costs. Terpstra said, “The discussions focused on advancements in sawing machines that have higher cutting speeds, as well as devices that measure slab thickness and tool wear and automatically compensate. Attendees were keen to discuss the 5 axis water jet machines and machines that combine both blade sawing and water jet cutting in one continuous process. Cartridge adhesives were a significant area of interest such as Integra Adhesives that offer faster application and greater bond strength. The technologies by Integra also saves time and reduces wastage.”

Attendees were interested in techniques for polishing, honing and creating textured finishes on marble and granite. “These finishes are growing in popularity with homeowners so we took the opportunity to educate our customers about this process,” said Terpstra.

Event attendees welcomed it as a networking opportunity while seeing tool and equipment demonstrations. Director David Onesti said, “Interactive displays were featured throughout the Open House including a live demonstration by a chef cutting and preparing mixed foods directly onto scratch resistant Neolith surfaces.
“CDK Stone introduced a new range of colours as part of the Neolith range at the 2018 Open House. We were proud to present Neolith, a premium sintered stone showcasing the very best design principles with functionality.”

Joint managing director, Jonathan Height, said, “The CDK Stone Open House had record attendances with people coming from all over the world and Australia. It has brought together a high calibre of machinery providers from around the world and allowed our customers to learn more about the latest industry developments and increase their output. ”

The company would like to thank all of this year’s attendees and is extending a warm invitation to all Tile Today and Discovering Stone readers to its 2019 Open House in Sydney.