Big changes come from small actions. At Cosentino, that small action began with a mission to create products that are sustainable and kinder to the earth. As one of the world’s leading architectural surface manufacturer, Cosentino create sustainable products that are designed for life, transforming spaces for a more human way of living.

2022 marks a big step for the company as it once again become a standard-setter within its sector in sustainability issues with its latest and biggest campaign for the Silestone brand of surfaces titled “Changing the World from the Kitchen”.

The ideas that changed the world used to come from the garage. They won’t anymore. Cosentino believes that the next revolution to change the world will come from the kitchen. The kitchen has become the heart and soul of our homes, the epicentre of everything. From our kitchen, we don’t only cook. We now live, work, study, and bond in it.

With more than 30 years at the forefront of architectural and design surfaces, Silestone is setting a new standard in the world of quartz kitchen worktops with the ground-breaking patented HybriQ+ technology. The innovative technology marks an entirely new product composition and manufacturing for Silestone.

The new Silestone transforms the kitchen into a healthy, sustainable, and personal space. It is a hybrid surface of natural minerals and premium recycled materials that consist of a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials such as glass, zero water waste, and a lower silica content. At the production level, HybriQ+ technology includes Cosentino’s own environmental milestones such as the use of 99% reused water and 100% renewable electric energy while incorporating new improvements and more advanced systems in sustainable management and circular economy in its factories. The HybriQ+ technology has received DNV Certification verifying its sustainable measures in the production process, and the levels of performance.

The technology’s new formulation of lower crystalline silica content also brings a healthier workplace for those who produce it without compromising the performance of the product – the hardness and performance of the updated Silestone with HybriQ+ remains unchanged.

“Sustainability is in our DNA and at the core of everything we do at Cosentino,” says Itay Shimony, Vice President of Cosentino Oceania. “We are incredibly proud in introducing an entirely new product category with our new Silestone hybrid mineral surface and continue to invest in environmental innovations for a greener future.”

HybriQ+ is just one of many sustainability initiatives that Cosentino has committed to over the years. Sunlit Days and Ethereal, two of the brand-new collections launched in 2021, marked Silestone’s first-ever carbon neutral collection. In addition, the Dekton brand of ultracompact surfaces by Cosentino has also achieved carbon neutrality from the extraction of raw materials to the use of the product and the end of its life in 2020 – cradle to grave.

The company continues to fulfil its commitment to environmental sustainability with regards to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 7 Affordable and clean energy, SDG 9 Innovation, and infrastructure, 12 Responsible consumption and production and 13 Climate action). Cosentino’s manufacturing headquarters in Spain is dedicated to ensuring sustainable practices, including housing its own Waste Management and Recovery Plant onsite, managing water waste through a “zero waste” approach, reducing energy consumption in the production process by optimising processes, and implementing improved air purifications to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions.