Around 95% of furniture purchases are made by women, according to research carried out and confirmed by the world’s furnishing industry associations. And the interesting fact is that the subject of CHOICE as opposed to PRICE alone is still one of the most influential buying considerations.

The current boom in TV lifestyle home design and renovations shows, and the popularity of homemaker magazines, highlight an enormous untapped potential for our industry to reach customers who aspire to furnish their homes to suit their own personalities and style preferences.
Family lifestyles play an important part too, in weighing up functionality versus fashion.

“Most people don’t realise that Australia has an enormous choice offer for consumers, more per capita than most other countries in the world,” said John Mackinnon, FIF spokesperson.

“From bespoke timber qualities to the broadest possible selection of upholstery and drapery fabrics sourced from every country in the world, our manufacturers offer eclectic choices beyond the wildest imagination of most individuals.

“And all this is easily accessible through Australia’s leading fabric houses with trade showrooms in all states.

“Our fabric houses are happy to welcome consumers who have been referred by their trade suppliers, designers/decorators, upholsterers and retailers, all of whom can depend on a friendly referral service for their clients.”

And the outstanding choices that Australian consumers have are made easier by the fact that Australian furniture makers are proud to offer a wide variety of fabric options on their furniture designs.

“Nowhere else in the world is there such a unity between furniture manufacturers and fabric houses,” said John.  “This makes the Australian market a difficult one to compete with for overseas imports at this time, particularly when the subject of choice is uppermost in the consumers mind.

“This is why Furnishing In Focus has rapidly grown into Australia’s ‘go-to’ sourcing and reference exhibition, where the leading fabric houses and top manufacturers are all located under one roof in a two day trade-only show, completely free of imports.

“And, with the added support this year from the Australian Made Campaign, the positives for a renaissance in local manufacturing are being communicated to a greatly extended trade customer base including key Government institutions and specifiers.

Furnishing in Focus – Melbourne Exhibition Centre – Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May 2017.