Established in 1991, CMP Stonemason Supplies believes keeping abreast of the ongoing changes in the industry is critical to remaining a viable supplier.

To keep up with this rapid pace of change that has seen the evolution from traditional granite or marble benchtops to the emergence of engineered stone, to the latest porcelain materials and its many variants, diamond tool manufacturers have had to work very hard to develop new technology for bridge saws, mitre saws, smaller diameter blades for hand-held grinders and an increasing range of CNC tooling; core bits, milling fingers, profiling tools and rebating and grooving tips.

Fortunately, the companies that CMP is associated with have succeeded in producing the tools that can do the job – technology has caught up with the advancements in material development.


Cosentino, manufacturers of Dekton, have worked very closely with CMP’s Italian diamond tool maker, Italdiamant, to produce tools that allow benchtop fabricators to cut and mitre their materials. Cosentino recommend using Italdiamant’s EvoGres range for processing Dekton.
There are certain procedures and parameters to follow, recommended by both material and tool manufacturers to enable the best outcome. CMP is also able to bring to its customers the latest range of CNC tools from Nicolai and Diamut. Both companies are constantly developing new tools for porcelain products.

Tenax PowerBond

Tenax has developed the PowerBond range of injectable epoxy adhesives using a special dispensing gun to deliver pre-mixed, pre-coloured glues where required for porcelain and Dekton. PowerBond has the significant advantage of being user-friendly – it has no odour, and is far less likely to cause skin irritations.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is not as runny as some other products. Being a genuine epoxy, PowerBond has unsurpassed strength. It also comes in a form known as “GlaxS”, which cures as clear as water.

Abrasivos Alicante

The latest range of tools available from CMP are the Spanish-made products from Abrasivos Alicante, an inventor and manufacturer of stone tools that includes the 3 Step UltraBond Pads to repolish granite, marble and engineered stone (including dark colours!) to an extremely high-gloss finish.

These pads come as 100mm diameter for a hand-held wet polisher and 330mm, 430mm and 505mm for use on a radial arm polisher or floor scrubbers. Colour-coded, the UltraBond system is 100% eco-friendly, requires no chemicals and is used with water to help remove some scratches and achieve the glossiest shine.

CMP also stocks its honing pads, Snail-lock/M14 and Frankfurts as well its Ageing Brushes in silicone carbide and diamond, once again available in Snail-lock/M14 and Frankfurt.
Abrasivos Alicante has also developed a more durable form of bush hammering tools in a range of formats to create textured finishes to the surfaces of most materials.

Trow & Holden

CMP is now the Australasian distributor for Trow & Holden, the leading American maker of chisels for the traditional stone sector. Quality and durability are a priority in these tools. It offers pneumatic chisels, pneumatic hammers to lettering chisels, both Tungsten Carbide and hardened steel tools as well as Tungsten Carbide hand-held hammers for heavy-duty work. Wooden handles for the hammers and mallets are made from American Hickory.