At Domotex Hannover 2019, this year’s theme of ‘Create’N’Connect’ put the spotlight on digitisation and creative connectivity across all aspects of floor design, forming a leitmotif for the entire event.

A key topic at this year’s event involved solutions for the digital presentation of carpets and floor coverings. The new digital solutions ran the gamut of VR and AR applications, including visualisation aids for every aspect of the marketing mix, plus innovative software which makes it easy for customers to discover and choose their favourite designs and collections while providing retailers with new options for digital product presentation and sales.

The ‘Framing Trends’ special showcase served as the creative hot spot for the overall event and featured presentations and innovative product displays creating a lively hot spot that was particularly appreciated by visitors with a lifestyle focus.

Internationally renowned designer Sebastian Herkner said, “The floor sets the stage for any interior.” Again, highlighting the vital connective function of carpets and floor coverings within the overall design concept. “Along with walls, floors define the context and basis of interior design. The choice of floor material affects how we live and communicate in the resulting interior space.” As a presenter at the Framing Trends speaker’s forum, Herkner addressed the lead theme of connectivity operating at the interfaces of architecture, interior design and design.

One of the central attractions at Domotex 2019 consisted of the ‘Wood Lifecycle’ flooring space, a project created and designed by Total Tool Milano, featuring a lifecycle of wood in seven distinct steps, from the tree growing in the forest to the recycled product, completing and closing the cycle at the other end.

A ‘Connectivity Wheel’ from Schmidhuber (pictured), made up of coloured glass facets, invited tradeshow visitors to enter the wheel, set it in motion with their footsteps and watch as they generated multi-coloured light reflections on the surrounding floor coverings provided by Carpet Concept.