DECO is a family-owned, Australian business manufacturing quality aluminium building and architectural systems. DECO offers innovative Super Durable sublimated powder coating finishes for architectural products, splashbacks and signage, as well as a range of durable, attractive protective coatings and pre-treatments for applications within the automotive, engineering, cookware, medical, pharmaceutical, mining and defence industries.

DECO has added a new look to their range of decorative aluminium finishing – DecoCrete. The new finish offers an effortless raw concrete look that can be used for many applications.

DecoCrete achieves the aesthetic of raw concrete without the weight, inflexibility and onsite logistics of real concrete.  Delivering a highly durable, natural concrete look in both a textured and a gloss finish. DecoCrete is currently available in three colours and can be applied to any aluminium extrusion, flat sheet and architectural building product featured in the DECO range.

As with their DecoWood and DecoRoccia finishes, DecoCrete utilises the same advanced photo imaging sublimation technology. DecoCrete’s concrete effect is created via a two-part process where by a Super Durable powder coating is applied to the selected aluminium profile or flat sheet, before a realistic concrete-pattern film is applied.

The profile is then baked at high temperatures so the sublimation inks in the film can transfer into the entire depth of the powder coated surface.

DecoCrete can be used for external and internal applications, and is a popular choice for ceiling features, cladding and splashbacks.