Euromobil kitchens chooses FENIX, the so-called phoenix of materials, produced by Arpa, for its kitchens. To call it a finish is simplistic. FENIX is a long-lasting material, which is matt, in line with contemporary design trends, scratchproof, antibacterial and eco-friendly

Euromobil is always at the cutting edge of research into the materials it uses for its furniture and selecting the best partners makes all the difference. One example is the SEI range of kitchens, with a finish in FENIX, a highly resistant material supplied by Arpa. The name FENIX is metaphorically inspired by the phoenix, which in Greek mythology, is the bird reborn cyclically and the symbol of immortality.

FENIX is not a simple finish, neither is it HPL nor a film. It is a real material designed for furniture, usually produced in 1mm thick sheets. It is derived from laminates however it differs as it involves nanotechnological treatments and new generation acrylic resins. These innovative resins are fixed by means of the cold polymerisation production process, known as the electron beam curing process, which creates a sheet that is then carefully bonded to a support panel. In this case, it is used in the SEI range of kitchens.

But quality and durability are not the only reasons why Euromobil relies on this special material. By choosing to embellish its kitchens with FENIX, Euromobil can intercept new trends in interior design aimed at offering extremely matt surfaces, with smart practicality. This is why FENIX is perfectly in line with the philosophy of Euromobil kitchens that are designed to be attractive to look at and use with a perfect balance of harmony and functionality.

Details are truly distinctive features, as in every Euromobil solution, and the company chooses various types of FENIX to meet all needs. For example, FENIX NTA has a metal sheet in its surface structure, which provides a deeply brushed surface. With its low light reflectivity, the surface is extremely matt, fingerprint proof and soft to touch. In addition, it is resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid solvents and common household reagents. It is water-repellent and therefore does not absorb moisture. If necessary, any micro-scratches on the surface can be heat-repaired. For those who love an ultra-matt effect, Euromobil chooses FENIX NTM, another version of the same product.

Attractive and long-lasting, it is also extremely safe and eco-friendly: FENIX has enhanced anti-bacterial properties and can remain in contact with food. Thanks to its cellulose content, at the end of its life cycle it can be re-used in municipal waste incinerators for energy recovery.