Intermac is the Biesse Group’s glass and stone processing division and Diamut is their complete range of cutting tools. The new SWave diamond grinding wheel displayed at Glasstec 2016 is based on Diamut’s R&D know-how and ensures a better stock removal and a huge reduction in splinters.

Diamut cutting tools are engineered, manufactured and tested entirely in Italy, thanks to Diamut’s technological partnership with Intermac; Biesse Group’s glass and stone processing division. From Diamut comes SWave; the new diamond grinding wheel with exclusive continuous cut that is sinusoidal (relating to, shaped like, or varying according to a sine curve or sine wave) but does not pass through the diamond wheel allowing water to pass during machining. The SWave is the new revolutionary cup grinding wheel for Double-edger and straight line edger. This innovative product advancement in grinding operations ensures improved quality and performance. This revolutionary technology ensures excellent cooling, better removal, and a notable reduction in chipping. The use of a special alloy, combined with a new diamond, increases the sharpness and increases the number of metres of stone processed.

This unique solution, based on the Diamut R&D know-how, ensures a better removal and a huge reduction in splinters. The cutting capacity is increased, as well as the number of processed metres. The resin wheel is new too, with specific direction of rotation and new double diamond grit. The resinoid grinding wheel is also new; it has a twin diamond grain in a single wheel. In addition, grinding wheels with right and left rotation have been created for enhanced machining efficiency. SWave is available with a 150, 175 or 200 mm diameter for two-sided and straight machines built by any manufacturer. Innovation is the driving force at Diamut. To find out more about the SWave please visit the website

The opening of Diamut’s latest Italian subsidiary further strengthens the strategic stronghold of Diamut tooling in the leading Italian stone district of Theine, located in North East Italy. The new Diamut subsidiary is located at the Uniteam facility, in 12 via della Meccanica, Thiene (VI). The main factory is located in Lugo, Italy and for more than 30 years they have been manufacturing a complete range of diamond tools for working glass, stone and synthetic materials. Creating custom tooling solutions for individual customers allows Diamut to offer not only tools, but total solutions. Diamut has 8 branches across the world (USA and Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand), in addition to the 70 dealers and 15 agents.