Dr. Dieter Brucklacher was an entrepreneur, scientist and visionary. He shaped the companies Boehlerit; Bilz; Onsrud and Leitz Tooling until his passing late 2016. He once said “Work is the most important resource of any company and job satisfaction is the moral capital.” His life is an outstanding story.

Doctor Dieter Brucklacher was born in 1939 in Oberkochen; a town in Southern Germany where Leitz Tooling is still manufactured today. Studying physics at the University of Stuttgart, Dr. Brucklacher became a research assistant in ‘reactor irradiation behaviour of nuclear fuels’ at the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Centre in 1974. He assisted in the development of the Schneller Bruter Nuclear power plant but this never went into production because of the Chernobyl disaster. Because of this, the site is now a major amusement park with some of the rides actually inside the nuclear plant’s cooling towers.

In 1974 Dr. Brucklacher joined the Leitz Company, marrying the great granddaughter of the founder Albert Leitz; who founded the company in 1876. Brucklacher was appointed Managing Director soon after due to his wide range of skills. These skills were to play an important part of his developing Leitz into a Global organisation with branches in over 150 Countries all over the World. From wood cutting tools to metal cutting, Brucklacher then led the take-over of the carbide specialist Company Boehlerit in 1991 and later, Onsrud in the United States. These Companies were combined under the LMT banner (Leitz Metalworking Technology) also located in Oberkochen. The Leitz Group is now a leading manufacturer of tools for industrial processing of wood, wood derived materials, plastic and compound materials. 3,200 Leitz employees pass on their experience of cutting tools to customers and Leitz products are used in more than 150 countries.

Dr. Brucklacher has been at the forefront of German industry, most often in honorary (unpaid) positions. For instance, the VDMA stated that Brucklacher had been “A role model in every sense and one of the great names of German mechanical engineering.” Dr. Brucklacher also served the Federation of German Industries among many others. He said “Our Country needs more entrepreneurs” and went on to prove the value of this over his long career. He would make the point that Companies should have the freedom to make decisions on working hours and pay, and legalise corporate alliances for workers’ job protection. He felt a great responsibility towards his companies and his employees. Dr. Brucklacher’s daughter Cornelia has taken her father’s place on the Board of Directors.