DOMO has united a revered 115-year-old French furniture brand, Grange, and multi-award winning Australian designer, Greg Natale, to create an exciting new collection.

Harnessing the customisation potential of Grange’s furniture offering, Natale has tailored a Grange x Greg Natale capsule collection – reimagining what traditional French furniture can be for the Australian market.

Curating with a contemporary edge, Natale has drawn together richly textured and refined materials in a palette of black, white and peacock hues. Using in-house Grange timber finishes, married with European and American upholstery, these select Grange pieces take on a whole new character, designed with the Australian aesthetic in mind.

In a world first, available exclusively at DOMO, Grange X Greg Natale adds a new, contemporary character to Grange’s traditional French story.