Present for the first year at AWISA 2018 with the support of its local partners, Domus Line displayed a wide range of LED lighting fixtures approved for the Australian and New Zealand market, which have aroused considerable interest in visitors.

Domus Line is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of lighting equipment and lighting systems for the furnishing lighting sector. The company offers trendsetting LED luminaires and accessories that are innovative for its design, colors, function and application. Domus Line is also an expert in high-quality striplighting through the largest range on the market and specialist in smart solutions for easy mounting lighting products.

Among the new products has been presented FLEXYLED SE H4, which is the latest addition to the Domus Line FLEXYFAMILY collection, designed for side wardrobe installation, but also effective in many other applications that require a minimal lighting system.

FLEXYLED SE H4 is a flexible linear LED strip with lateral projection (Side-Emitting), developed with a new extrusion technology of diffusing silicone materials specifically designed for recessed installation in a groove only 4mm wide and 10mm deep flush with the panel.

FLEXYLED SE H4 does not require glue or other kinds of adhesive for installation, as it is made from soft silicone that needs to be simply pressed into the groove. It is ideal for the sides of wardrobes.

Thanks to its modularity, FLEXYLED SE H4 can be divided at 25mm intervals, realizing customized lengths.

FLEXYLED SE H4 is equipped with no-dot effect technology, which guarantees a homogeneous light projection without the dotted effect.

The success achieved at AWISA rewards the effort lavished by Domus Line towards the Australian and New Zealand market, where the company has long been looking to expand its business and for this purpose in recent years has invested a lot of energy to make their own products that comply with local norms. All this was possible thanks to the support of Domus Line partners, Furnware Dorset PTY LTD and FIT LTD leading distributors of cabinetry, kitchen and furniture products respectively in Australia and New Zealand.