It has been a long day. You open the front day of your home, kick off your shoes and collapse on the couch. Some peace and quiet is all you need to prepare yourself for the rush of evening duties. Your eyes are closed and you feel your body begin to relax. Thump! You ignore the sound. Thud! You look up, attempting to guess just what object has hit the ground. The kids are wreaking havoc in the upstairs living space, again.

As more people choose multi-level residential living, the issue of sound insulation has become a greater priority for homeowners. Whether it’s in a townhouse, apartment or two-storey home, the sound of footsteps, moving furniture or falling items can not only cause frustration but can result in sleep deprivation and stress.

The scenario above reflects just one of the many inconveniences that can occur when a consumer is not informed of the importance of hard flooring underlay and its ability to improve the acoustics within a home.

To tackle this problem, Dunlop has developed Advantage 3; a rubber/cork acoustic underlay suitable for conventional and double bond applications in conjunction with timber, laminate and vinyl floors.

Designed to reduce impact sound insulation, Advantage 3 exceeds the NCC minimum requirements for acoustic performance whilst also acting as a thermal insulator, thereby reducing energy bills and decreasing your environmental footprint. It has undergone extensive testing by the CSIRO to determine its acoustic properties and compliance with the standards set by the NCC.

Benefits of Dunlop Advantage 3

  • Guaranteed for the life of the flooring.
  • Improves acoustics by reducing noise transfer.
  • Acts as a thermal insulator, reducing energy bills and decreasing your environmental footprint.
    Low VOCs.