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Easy to use Marmoweld ETU for linoleum flooring installation

Linoleum sheet joins often do not require heat welding. Accurately installed net fit seams present a clean and distinctive appearance with long-lasting quality. Unlike vinyl, well-cut linoleum joins will not shrink over time and offer an improved visual aesthetic. Traditional heat welding is only typically required when specified for specific healthcare applications and building codes.

Net fit seams are particularly suitable for plain colour linoleum options such as those found in the  Marmoleum Solid collection. This approach streamlines the installation process and offers a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.

When the linoleum sheet is placed into the adhesive and rolled, the adhesive fills the under-bevel area of the seam, creating a seal or gasket that prevents moisture and dirt from seeping into the seams. Seams should always be cut and rolled while the adhesive is still workable to prevent peaking. Any adhesive residue at the joint should be removed with a damp cloth.

A correctly cut seam with a slight undercut will naturally close as the adhesive cures, ensuring a tight and durable flooring solution.

Next-level invisibility with the new Marmoweld ETU

While tight hairline joins are often an accepted visual, a new development offers even more invisibility at the seam and the option to avoid using traditional welding methods.

Introducing Easy-To-Use Marmoweld colour-matching. Marmoweld ETU is a purpose-built product/paste developed for Forbo Marmoleum installations.

Marmoweld ETU streamlines the application process, offering a faster and simpler alternative to traditional heat welding, eliminating the risk of damage caused by grooving, burning and scalping seams. Marmoweld ETU fills the hairline gaps in the butt-joined seams, effectively preventing water and the accumulation of debris from the surface.

The outcome is an almost invisible seamless integrated seam that significantly enhances the overall appearance. ETU can also be used for door jamb gaps, minor mishaps, damage and nicks.

 Seam welding with Marmoweld ETU

Other than healthcare where specific building codes require conventional heat welding, for all other applications, Marmoweld ETU can offer an effective alternative to traditional welding rods.
Butt joins and 1mm gaps can be quickly and efficiently finished with a jar of Marmoleum ETU and the supplied applicator. Unlike conventional weld installation, there is no need to wait for the adhesive to dry before application. Immediate occupancy is also possible. One jar of Marmoweld ETU is equivalent to numerous rolls of traditional welding material.

The new Marmoweld ETU is available across popular colours and will soon be available in Australia and New Zealand.

To express your interest, please visit, email or call 1800 224 471. For comprehensive information on net fit seam installation for Marmoleum, visit, watch our video tutorial and download our installation guidelines.