Wood is one of few renewable resources. Companies engaged in the forest products industry have a responsibility to ensure the protection and sensible use of forests for future generations. Elton Group is committed to supplying timber veneer and panel products in harmony with advanced environmental standards for forests, water, and raw material consumption.

Established in 1943 in Melbourne, Australia; Elton Group are suppliers of high-quality Interior Timber Veneer Based Products. Central to each of these curated products is a commitment to environmentally sustainable, FSC sourcing and world’s best practice manufacturing methods.

Elton Group, through partnerships with world leading manufacturers provide local specifiers and manufacturers with the most responsible and innovative timber veneer products.  A major partner is the Italian manufacturer, ALPI; the first company in the world to industrialise the production process of composite wood. The ALPI story is a vibrant tale of a manufacturing tradition focused on innovation, creativity, and excellence. Founded by Pietro Alpi in 1919, the Alpi family has managed the firm through three generations. Elton Group, also run by 3 generations of the Elton family established the relationship with Alpi in the early 1960s when they recognised the potential of the product and became the first export customer.

ALPI’s ongoing commitment to innovation has led to collaborations with many of the world’s leading designers including Pierro Lissoni, Kengo Kuma, Matteo Ragni and Atelier Mendini, creating patterns that cannot be found in nature, experimenting with pattern and colour, and forming the Alpi Designer Collection available to the industry exclusively through Elton Group in Australasia.

Relationships Matter

Elton Group is a family company where all relationships matter. Since Willi Elton and his son Joseph started the company as an interior fit-out provider using diverse materials, Elton Group’s experience evolved naturally through almost eighty years of working with the timber-based design and architecture industry.

Following the furniture industry to Adelaide in the early 1980’s, Elton Group returned to Melbourne in the late 90’s, first to Brooklyn, then Fairfield and ten years ago to the present 5,000 square metre office and warehouse in Springvale. The company also maintains warehouses in Western Australia and Queensland, so is truly a national supplier. The business is now ably led by Managing Director Dylan Kane; Group Director Karen Elton who is also a qualified architect, and Sales Director Max Mascitti who has an extensive industry background.

The team at Elton Group have decades of knowledge and experience dating back to Karen’s late husband Michael’s great uncle, a German timber merchant who emigrated to Australia just before the Second World War, and Michael’s grandfather and company co-founder, Willi. Their service is generous and personal and guarantees the best results for every project. Karen Elton said, “Michael Elton’s uncompromising passion, extensive product knowledge and experience created the foundation of who Elton Group are today.”

Relevant and Interesting

The group is tuned into international design trends, and the changing face of the Australian interior fit-out and cabinet industries. Their international suppliers are competitive and always on-point with the innovative needs of the world-wide interior design markets. In recent years Elton Group has grown significantly as their business model continues to evolve to meet their customer’s needs.

Elton Group is future focussed and agile, and over the years has re-invented itself; first in the mid-1990’s when the veneer industry shrank rapidly; and more recently, in 2012 when the Group’s business model adapted to increase its focus on the trade, in line with the ever-changing focus of their wide customer base.

Max Mascitti said, “We are in a competitive industry, every product we bring to the market has a unique point of difference. We thrive on being first to market, discovering new opportunities and curating a quality sustainable range of hundreds of products that last.”

Elton Group imports the best timber-based products for the design inspired Australian market. The product range is always relevant; unique; contemporary; refined and functional. Products are tested, both by the manufacturer and here in Australia to outperform other products that may look similar. They are unique in design, product quality, and are always fit-for-purpose.

Elton Group’s most ubiquitous product Eveneer is a well know and trusted brand, delivering a high quality, sustainable and defect free timber veneer in an evolving, Australian focussed and curated palette. To meet the needs of diminishing access to high quality polishers, Eveneer Prefinished provides a high-quality factory applied polished veneer ready to be used, saving time and cost.

Elton Group’s most innovative and distinctive product is a game changing micro thin timber veneer surface called Woodwall which replaces the need for panels and framing and can be applied to walls directly like a wallpaper. The yield equates to 30 times that of a traditional veneer and comes prefinished with a high-quality factory applied timber polish.

For projects where timber veneer is not practical or possible, Evenex is made with pure wood fibre and printed with a perfectly synchronised texture with a polished finish like timber veneer making it near impossible to tell apart from the real thing.

Authentic and Sustainable

All Elton Group veneer products are sourced from woods harvested in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora International Trade Agreement. Elton Group is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified. The FSC label specifies that the wood used in the production of veneer originates from sustainably managed forests according to strict environmental, social, and economic standards and other controlled sources. All products have been tested to Australian standards for fire ratings.

Elton Group applications include surfaces, panelling and facings for interior architecture, hotels, multi-apartment and residential complexes, shopping centres, retail outlets, commercial workplaces, and public spaces. Elton Group products can be found in award winning projects across the country, most recently the Sofitel Adelaide; Jewel Apartments on the Gold Coast, Harrington Street apartments and Millers Point penthouses in Sydney, the Next Hotel in Melbourne, as well as showrooms for high end industry suppliers Sub Zero Wolf, Jardan and Harvey Norman.

The business is based on the supply of the best performing timber-based products with a unique colour range; supported by extensive knowledge and experience and a genuine focus on service and customer support.

Quality is important in any business but at Elton Group, quality is uncompromising, it lasts, it’s timeless. Max says, “We aim to lead the industry. We aren’t a ‘me too’ company, we aren’t the same as everyone else. We are passionate about our veneer products, and we have confidence in everything we do.” Karen adds, “Service, support and education are also very important to us. We put a lot of effort into helping designers, our specifiers, and the trades.” Elton Group are here for the long term and their commitment to quality product sourced from specialist suppliers with proven track records supports those long-term, materially different aspirations.