A new generation of products is now available from Nikpol. Egger’s Feelwood laminate satisfies with its appealing design and offers new possibilities in furniture and interior design. The new product not only impresses with a relief texture that follows the grain exactly but is the only application available with an optional end grain edging providing the illusion of a sliced wood.
Feelwood is also extremely durable, lightfast, and easy to clean.

The authentic character of the surfaces comes to life through touch. The Australian offering of these new finishes currently comprises eight unique woodgrains in three different structures (Nature, Brushed Wood and Ambiance), which provide endless design flexibility. Feelwood is characterised by its authentic planking and knot features giving the look and feel of real wood.

This new range is an offering unlike anything else in the Australian market. More than ever before, with its synchronised pore technology, Nikpol’s new Feelwood range provides a deeper and more realistic timber grain finish.

The Feelwood range from Egger inspired the design of the Nikpol showroom, which displays its Egger, Motivi and Renolit range in everyday spaces such as kitchens, vanities, wardrobes and laundrys.
You can see how these surfaces interact with the other Nikpol products such as Grass door and drawer hardware, handles and storage solutions. In addition, Nikpol’s Virtual Design Studio (VDS) allows customers to easily visualise design ideas and suggesting decor combinations within a comprehensive room library.

The VDS system was created by Egger (affiliated with Nikpol since 1999) offering the ability to customise images in the showroom to see the surfaces in application. Entertainment units, floating shelves, coffee tables, overhead cupboards and worktops can be viewed in different spaces such as kitchens, lounges, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries.

Nikpol also offers Egger Eurolight – a composite board with strong surface layers, combined with a light, yet robust cardboard honeycomb core. In addition to the light weight, they feature outstanding stability and offer many design and construction options.

Lightweight panels are used throughout Europe in a wide range of applications and this design trend continues to gain momentum throughout the world.

Established in 1978, Nikpol began business selling timber kitchen doors under the vision of Nick Nikolakakis and his wife Poly. Nikpol was the first supplier to stock solid timber doors in multiple sizes that shaved weeks off customer supply times. In 1990, the company pioneered vinyl wrap doors in Australia. With sons John and, later, Spiro entering the company, Nikpol undertook substantial expansion into total kitchen solutions adding a wide range of hardware and post-formed laminate benchtop production.

Having secured distribution deals with many of Europe’s leading manufacturers including Bosch, Grass and Egger, the Nikpol name has become synonymous with the best in European design and innovation. And, of course, Nikpol is 100% Australian.