Today’s flooring landscape offers buyers variety and choice like never before. In fact, there are sometimes so many options to choose from it can be difficult for retailers and consumers to navigate. However, new consumer research from Roy Morgan has shed some light on consumer buying preferences, and the ‘Aussie factor’ is as popular as ever.

Conducted in 2019 by Roy Morgan, the research shows the appetite for Australian Made products is strong, with more Australians preferencing local products in a wide range of categories.

The research found that 65% of Australians prefer buying Australian Made building and renovation materials, followed by 61% for tools and hardware, and 60% for home furnishings.

Ben Lazzaro, Chief Executive of the Australian Made Campaign, said “The demand for authentic Aussie products is growing. When you buy Australia Made, Australian Grown products, you know what you are getting — products made to some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world. At the same time, you are helping to support local industry.

“Roy Morgan’s latest research highlights the importance Australian’s place on locally manufactured products and show that there is an increasing demand for authentic Aussie brands in market. The best way to identify genuine Aussie products is by looking for the Australian Made logo. It makes the ‘Australian connection’ instantly making it an effective sales and marketing tool for Aussie brands, as well as a solution for shoppers who want to easily identify Aussie products.”

In the study, almost all Australians (99%) indicated that they were aware of the Australian Made logo and 88% trust the mark as an identifier of genuine Australian products. The vast majority (84%) associate the logo with supporting local jobs and employment and over half of Australians associate the logo with products that are of high quality (58%) and are produced using ethical labour (57%).

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and clean and green attributes were similarly top of mind, with nearly half of Australians (49%) connecting them with the iconic green and gold kangaroo logo.

Mr Lazzaro said, “These environmental considerations, which are intrinsically linked to many Australian products, are continuing to be important to consumers when making purchasing decisions.

“We are seeing a shift in consumer preference, they want to know who made the product, the story behind it and how it will suit their specific needs, all whilst contributing to the local economy and community. The smarter brands are telling consumers their stories, focussing on the uniqueness, origins and quality of their products, as well as how they employ people locally and support their immediate communities. The Australian Made logo delivers a key element of this story and complements the brand’s own story.”

Australian Made licensee and Australia’s only manufacturer of commercial vinyl flooring, Armstrong Flooring, has been manufacturing locally for over 50 years, producing durable, high-performance products for the domestic and export markets.

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, they were able to capitalise on the benefits of manufacturing locally, adapting its business to meet the demand of local health facilities.

Armstrong Flooring’s General Manager, Rob McLorinan, said, “Rarely has there been a time in recent history that has better reflected the importance of local manufacturing than during the COVID-19 crisis. We have seen in no uncertain terms the necessity for local agile manufacturing to meet the requirements of our country in its time of need.

“During this crisis our Melbourne manufacturing facility has been able to quickly supply products for key hospital, healthcare and testing facilities with short manufacturing lead times, and without the delays that have been experienced through the supply chains of importers. We are extremely grateful for the flexibility and commitment of our production workers who have kept our factory running and enabled us to maintain headcount.”

Mr Lazzaro said given the rise in demand for locally made and grown goods by consumers and businesses alike, it was important for producers to market their products with prominent country-of-origin branding.

Since its establishment in 1999, the Australian Made Campaign has helped thousands of brands communicate their Australian Made credentials with authority and credibility. It is an effective sales and marketing asset for any business making or growing products here in Australia and helps those brands sell their products—here and overseas.

If being recognised as genuinely Australian is important to selling your products, certify them to carry the iconic Australian Made, Australian Grown logo at

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