Flowcrete Australia has unveiled the next stage in the evolution of its food grade flooring – the full gloss, polyurethane, antimicrobial enhanced Flowfresh Sealer system.

This colourful coating, the first of its kind to be introduced to the Australian flooring market, was developed to provide the food and beverage sector with aesthetically appealing floors able to keep up with the rapidly evolving needs of this complex industry. The ease of cleaning and seamless, hygienic surface it creates ensures that the floor provides the ultimate in food-safe flooring facility design.

The Managing Director of Flowcrete Australia, Sean Tinsley, said: “Food grade flooring has had to continually improve over the years to comply with the stringent criteria of authorities such as Food Standards Australia New Zealand as well as internationally recognised food safety standards.

The entire Flowfresh range has recently been Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) International Certified. This globally recognised benchmark of food safety designates materials, equipment and services that can be used within the food industry to minimise the risk of contamination incidences.

The HACCP International guidelines state that the floor plays a crucial role in addressing contamination threats, as an inadequate floor can become a prime site of bacteria build-up. Not only does the floor have to provide a hygienic, seamless, impervious and easy to clean surface, it needs to do so for the long term in the face of corrosive chemicals, moisture, impacts and thermal shock.
“The Flowfresh range of polyurethane flooring revolutionised the food grade flooring market when it was first introduced and it remains the only resin flooring solution available to the Australian market that harnesses the natural bactericidal properties of silver to eliminate germs in contact with the coating,” Tinsley said.

This innovative formulation stems from Flowcrete’s exclusive global collaboration with the anti-bacterial agent manufacturer Polygiene. The Polygiene additive is homogenously distributed throughout the polyurethane matrix of Flowfresh to create a surface able to kill 99.9% of germs. This bacteria targeting property has been proven to meet the ISO 22916 standard, which measures a surface’s antibacterial effectiveness on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.