For over 40 years, Classic Architectural Group’s mission has been to make public spaces safe, attractive and accessible to all. Classic Architectural Group specialise in fulfilling the complete supply chain from design, supply to installation, providing a proven service for building professionals that enables them to do what they do best. 

Classic Architectural Group was founded by Peter McAlpin in April 1981 with headquarters based in Moorabbin, Victoria. Since then, the company has relocated twice and Preston is now home for local manufacturing. It’s a family company jointly managed by Peter and his two sons, Leigh and Garth but the family atmosphere and work ethic run throughout the people that choose to work there. Everyone is focused not only on customer satisfaction and quality but providing the right solution for the specific job that meets the required standards and architectural specifications. Classic Architectural Group is Australia’s leading supplier of stair and floor safety products, their comprehensive product range includes commercial entrance matting, safety stair nosings and tactile indicators.

Leigh recently said, “Our DNA comes from our team, it’s not something we’ve written down on a piece of paper, it’s real. We believe in service where the customer comes first. We do everything with style and originality, and we provide our customers certainty that the project will be delivered on-time, that it will be right, and it will look good.” Focused on commercial projects, they’re trusted and respected across all industry sectors, working alongside architects, construction companies and flooring/tiling contractors.

Classic Architectural Group upholds four critical values, these are rigour, respect, responsibility and resourcefulness. They are rigorous in being relentlessly driven to uncompromised world class quality, service and efficiencies. They are respectful in maintaining equality and integrity for all their business partners and users of public space. They are responsible in their commitment in humility to uphold their obligations to clients, staff, the community and the environment. They are resourceful in providing seamless experiences through insightful, innovative solutions with can-do versatility.

A Wealth of Experience

Classic Architectural Group has a manufacturing background, starting out manufacturing metal products for architectural applications such as bespoke, quality balustrades, specialising in high-end brass and stainless steel products for the hospitality sector. Alongside this, the company produced floor safety products such as entrance matting, stair nosings, tactile indicators, floor trims and covers that also serviced the commercial construction sector.

Over time the company saw a need for a local manufacturer to focus on the entire stair and floor safety solution, which is why their service offer now covers design and manufacture right through to supply and installation. Their expertise now also spans car park safety, covering high demand items like bollards, wheel stops and corner guards, as well as bike racks and skate deterrents.

Kristine Angelo’s responsibilities include estimating and customer service. She adds, “We specialise in an end-to-end solution from the initial request to the manufacture, delivery and installation of the product. Because of the particular issues affecting the building industry from delays caused by many factors, we have to be very flexible in our approach.”

Classic Architectural Group works in public spaces such as schools, universities, shopping centres, sports centres and community buildings. The challenges are everywhere but as Garth said, “We have that can-do attitude, we will make it happen.” Janine Janides is Classic’s marketing executive. She said, “What sets us apart is that we’ve been doing this for 40 years. With that comes a whole wealth of experience.”

David Peckham is Classic’s senior estimator and adds, “We’re really good at getting timelines sorted out early, finding out when the customer is going to require the product, and knowing where we fit into the process.” Sometimes though, things don’t go to plan and when this happens, Classic Architectural Group is able to make things happen with their can-do attitude, even if that comes to shovelling sand that might have been left where they need to work.

Proud to be Australian

Garth McAlpin points out that, “We are 100% Australian owned. We employ locally and use Australian materials to manufacture Australian-made products for the Australian market.” Classic Architectural Group is a national group and maintains a physical presence in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with representatives in Perth, Adelaide and New Zealand. Recent projects include Walsh Bay Performing Arts precinct in Sydney; Melbourne Park precinct in Victoria; HOTA Gallery in Queensland and Centre for National Resilience Government project.

With a team of 40 to 50 people nationally, everyone from the person a client initially contacts, to the person who cleans up after the installation is complete, is committed to Classic’s company standards. Brian Xuereb works in the Melbourne factory and says, “I’ve only been with Classic a short time, but I love the variety in the job and solving the challenges that come our way.” Glenn Lawrence is a senior site coordinator based in Melbourne. His role is to make sure the promises made are delivered, and the relevant standards are met.

Rachel Bradnick is Classic’s installations co-ordinator, she said, “We’re focussed on giving our clients the certainty that their job will be handed over on-time and to the architectural specifications and safety standards required.” To ensure Classic Architectural Group could deliver on time, in January 2020 they tripled their stock holdings. As a result, during Covid they had stock where others didn’t. Harmony Rickard from customer service sums it up best. “What makes us different is our core values and our distinctive capabilities. Our company culture is engaging, open and communicative; it’s a real family effort.”

Creators and Innovators

Leading the way in architecturally-designed safety and access solutions, the team at Classic Architectural Group diligently stays on top of the latest industrial and design trends. With continual research and innovation, they offer a diverse array of products to complement both classic and contemporary applications.

With on ongoing focus on providing innovative solutions, the team at Classic are really stepping it up, being first to market with their 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) technology. On their website, across entrance matting, safety stair nosing and tactile indicators, one can select a floor surface, team it with their preferred Classic product/colour ways and visualise it in 3D. You can then take it a step further and Visualise It in your own project space using their AR technology. Visit to experience this cutting-edge technology.


Article by Philip Ashley