In the age of environmental engagement, effective air pollution (dust) control is a concern to every woodworking and cabinet manufacturer seeking a clean and healthy working environment. In a challenging Covid environment one company has stood out among its peers and experienced strong growth. So, what is making the difference for Airtight Solutions?

There is an understanding by business owners that they must provide a clean and safe work environment for their staff. More recently, many materials that were previously just assumed to be a nuisance, or treated as a nuisance, are actually carcinogenic and have real health implications for staff. A dusty work environment is no longer acceptable, and the industry has made huge advances in recent years to protect its workers and present a responsible image to its customers. Additionally, with current staff shortages, there is an understanding that workers in the manufacturing industry will gravitate towards a clean and healthy work environment. The rise of the informed employee, the concerning business owner, and a verified strong economical business case is really making a difference in shaping the demand for better, safer work environments.

Airtight Solutions is one of the largest specialist air pollution control companies operating in Australia and New Zealand and have been at the forefront of this key industrial transformation. A clean work environment is an expectation of business owners and workers, and Airtight prides itself on setting the industry standard for critical dust and fume extraction.

Airtight’s Site Supervisor, Rod Parlett said, “I have been in this industry for more than 25 years, and there’s no doubt, Airtight is highly regarded in the industry…It’s a well-known fact that we provide the best filter solutions on the market”.

Do it once, do it right with Airtight

Good quality, fit-for-purpose dust collection is an essential investment for any woodworking or cabinetmaking business and its important to get it the right first time. The correct system is one that is customised and if it’s done properly, the investment will be returned in a very short time.

Airtight’s Marketing Manager, Kent Paisley explained Airtight’s promise, “Our company motto, Do It Once, Do It Right, really hits the nail on the head. I looked at updating our tagline during our recent rebranding, but it really does perfectly summarise how our customers and industry partners view us. They trust us to provide a great solution, that does an excellent job, at a reasonable cost, the first time”.

No project is too big or too small.

Airtight Solutions have access to all the facilities and expertise of the group’s associated engineering companies to provide an effective solution for any specific control project requirements.

From their head office in Sydney, Airtight Solutions supports warehouses in Sydney; Melbourne; Brisbane; Auckland and Christchurch. Their national Aftercare Servicing network provides service, preventive maintenance and spare parts for their products and most other brands. Airtight ships resources from any warehouse in the country with impressive response times.

How our industry has grown through the pandemic

Over the last two years, Covid 19 left everyone in the industry exposed, and many ‘low cost’ importers were laid bare. This resulted in a renewed interest in Australian-made products and led to Airtight investing in their in-house manufacturing capabilities to become a proud, certified ‘product of Australia’ manufacturer.

Airtight’s Stig Brixen said, “Supply chains were disrupted, and we really needed to recalibrate and realign ourselves with the new reality. It was a really good process for us, and we came out with a clear picture of our strengths, and importantly, our weaknesses. We recalibrated our business and focus and within 6 months we found ourselves in a further position of strength, even compared to pre-covid. I am confident Airtight is in a better position than ever to handle the huge demand we expect over the coming years”.

Growing with their customers

To serve their customers better, Airtight Solutions have restructured the business into four divisions. Dust and Fume Control, Aftercare Servicing, Engineered Solutions, and Waste Reduction/Waste-2-Energy.

Kent Paisley said “Our core business will, of course, always be dust and fume control. However, to meet the growing needs of our customers and leverage some exciting emerging technologies, we are confident these four divisions will position our resources perfectly to serve our customers and partners in the years to come”.

Stig added, “We have invested in better IT and focussed on streamlining internal processes to be able to deliver a better client outcome. This is a process of continual improvements, and we are very committed to the development and excited about where it is taking us”.

Care you can trust

“When your dust collector stops, your factory stops”. Rod says, “While initially focused on servicing our own equipment, we quietly built a reputation for achieving very low downtime. We found ourselves increasingly called on to service other brands and types of equipment. To do this properly we established the Airtight Aftercare Service division, offering complete preventative maintenance plans, audits and rapid onsite troubleshooting services for all makes and models of dust and fume extraction systems. Our 24/7 remote monitoring system is an excellent cost saver for larger automated plants and those not in metro locations.”

Helping reduce waste disposal costs

In addition, Airtight Solutions has a range of waste reduction technology available to minimise the volume of industrial waste and significantly cut the costs of disposal. Manufacturers are taking advantage of Airtight’s Waste-2-Energy technology, which turns waste into usable heat and power, yielding significant cost savings for the client, and helping the environment. All Airtight Solutions installations are designed by an expert engineering team along with the technical experience of internationally recognised suppliers.

The Airtight difference

The Airtight difference ensures high-performance solutions can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively. As Airtight is not tied to one particular brand of air pollution control equipment, their solutions are designed solely to their customers’ requirements.

Airtight Solutions has grown from strength to strength in the last 20 years to be a trusted and reliable partner to all businesses; here for the long term and proudly playing their part in building healthy work environments.

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Pictured: Rod Parlett and the NSW warehouse lads