SCM is a leader for secondary woodworking technologies and will play a key role at the 26th Xylexpo Trade Fair to take place in Milan, 8th to 12th May. It should be a taste of what to expect at our AWISA exhibition from the group that only two years ago invested heavily in Australia.

Luigi De Vito, SCM Division and Group Sales and Marketing Director said “Xylexpo represents one of the key international events for us to showcase technological innovation at the highest level. SCM has always been a solid and reliable partner for the whole wood technology sector; with this clear mission our presence will manifest itself through the widest range of solutions able to function and interact according to Industry 4.0 criteria.” A strategic driver behind this unstoppable growth achieved by SCM are R&D activities that have led to technological solutions increasingly able to ensure quality improvement, cost reduction and greater efficiency thanks to flexible and reliable processes, offering significant savings to customers in maintenance, floor space, time and labour costs. The goal is to make life as simple as possible for the customer, from small carpentry workshops to the large woodworking industries, in both wood panel processing and solid wood processing.

In line with market demands, SCM’s smart innovation project continues a tangible application of the “Smart Manufacturing” concept; enhancing creativity, reducing and simplifying processing times, facilitating the transition towards “mass customisation” and raising competitiveness in the market. Over time, management of technological solutions via software has become a fundamental aspect of production. For this reason, SCM has made significant investments in the sector with an aim to provide its customers with cutting-edge products that stand out for their ease of use, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

At the Milan trade show the company will be in a position to present its customers with Industry 4.0 applicable solutions, made possible by an increasingly widespread availability of data. SCM’s Maestro Datalink, the innovative “IoT” (Internet of Things) tools platform, and enabling data retrieval from the machines for later analysis to achieve predictive maintenance will be showcased along with the innovative remote assistance and maintenance system with augmented reality glasses (Maestro Smartech). In an innovative and multimedia exhibition space at Xylexpo, SCM will demonstrate new solutions for all industrial production processes, from furniture manufacturing to the nautical sector, from windows and doors to timber construction, and reliable woodworking machinery.

SCM’s leadership in the market sector is corroborated by the excellent results achieved in 2017. At the end of the year, the Rimini-based Group recorded a turnover of 650 million euro, with double-digit growth compared to the previous year regarding both turnover and order backlog also in the wood sector, and a continuous increase in recruitment, which led to a total headcount of over 3,500 staff operating both in Italy and in the 20 overseas branches, including Australia.