One of the greatest difficulties builders face is keeping the work site safe and clean during the building process but the Gerni ATTIX 33 M-Class Industrial dust extractor takes care of that problem.

The dust extractor offers safety solutions for all dust classifications and are designed for demanding dust extraction for L and M Class dust levels for applications such as construction dust, concrete, plaster, fibre cement, wood, metal, liquids and slurries.

L Class (low risk) dust includes simple house dust and materials such as soil.

The occupational exposure limit for L Class dust is >1 mg/m3, which means you need a dust extractor that catches 99 per cent of the dust.

M Class (medium risk) dust includes wood dust, dust from repair compound, filler and clear coats, dust from cement, concrete and tile cement, quartziferous materials such as sand and pebbles, and even paints such as latex and oil paints.

The occupational exposure limit for M Class dust is >0.1 mg/m3, which means you need a dust extractor that catches 99.9 per cent of the dust.

The Gerni ATTIX 33 M-Class Industrial extractor is compliant with Australian Health and Safety guidelines for dust extraction in construction environments, please check with your state’s Health & Safety guidelines for more details about dust extraction.

This high performance, easy-to-use dust extractor takes productivity, efficiency and meeting workplace Health and Safety standards to a new level.

Safety is maximised through clever innovations such as a Push & Clean semi-automatic filter cleaning system, durable and washable M-class PTFE filter using a new generation of non-stick membranes, reliable filtration efficiency of fine dust particles and no dust emission from exhaust air or power tool during filter cleaning cycle.

A minimum of 99.9 per cent of fine dust particles are captured by the machine, in keeping with both L and M class dust extraction requirements.

The Gerni ATTIX 33 M-Class Industrial extractor offers automatic link-up with your power tools with the Auto On/Off power outlet and the dust extractor automatically starts when the power tool is used making it ideal for electric drilling, sanding or cutting tools.

It is robust and easy to handle, which also makes it easy to transport from one site to another.

It offers flexible storage solutions for tools and accessories, so everything you need is at hand, including easy fixation of tube, hose and power cord with flexible rubber straps, and innovative hose and cable hook for easy and quick storage and transportation.

The Gerni ATTIX 33 M-Class Industrial extractor offers a superior cleaning performance, increased air velocity in both hose, nozzle and tool connector, easy service and low maintenance cost because the same filter is used for wet and dry pick-up.

It is available exclusively at Bunnings.