“Technology to be demonstrated, touched, and experienced. Direct; immediate contact with innovation anywhere in the world.”

All this happens in over 18,000 m2 of Biesse showrooms worldwide, thanks to an extensive network of branches. Within this now boundless space, more than 7,000 live demos per year demonstrate the true potential of Biesse technologies to their customers, across more than 30 “Made in Biesse” events. Inside is just one of these, drawing thousands of visitors to the Pesaro headquarters every year both potential customers and companies that have already chosen Biesse for their business.

On the occasion of this edition of “Inside” the main theme of which is Think4ward, Federico Broccoli, Wood/Sales Division Director, commented on Biesse’s intense focus on the so-called revolution 4.0 and the company’s new business strategy.

“For us, 4.0 is not simply a number representing what has been hailed as the new industrial revolution but a real commitment that Biesse has made to our customers, with a view to uniting them with our (industry) 4.0 ready technologies, to achieve levels of efficiency which today, more than ever, are crucial for keeping abreast of the competition in an increasingly global market.

“We really believe in this unstoppable industrial process, so much so that we have come up with a clear-cut business plan to invest in systems-oriented human resources, with a view to further disseminating the culture of automation among our customers, including medium and small businesses, and offering them guidance through qualified personnel to help to increase their competitiveness.”
“The showroom serves as both a starting point and a jumping off point for discovering new developments, seeing them close up and getting a feel for what they can offer” explains Raphaël Prati, Marketing and Communications Director for Biesse Group.

Technology that transforms projects into wonderful end products is fully expressed in bLab, the laboratory of ideas that makes Biesse stand out at the international fairs. And it’s no longer just roving. As of this year, the laboratory, where brilliant ideas and technology come together, will be a permanent part of the renewed showroom. An area of 140 m2 will be entirely given over to software demonstrations, with nine fixed workstations and a display of finished products, showcasing the outstanding work of Biesse customers. A perfect example of how technology can successfully support design, allowing customers to plan and create with no limits.

This is the very essence of the Think4ward motto, remaining one step ahead of the changes, not only to ensure that these are possible but also to make them efficient and to obtain optimal results.