Hafele.com.au isn’t just another website. It’s an innovative ordering tool designed to make delivering big ideas and great work easier.

National Marketing Manager, Melissa Murat said: “Technology is changing the way we all do business. Now our valued business partners can get any Häfele product or service they need, faster than ever before. It’s a competitive market, and what we’ve done really sets us apart from our competitors.”

The results are impressive. Log onto www.hafele.com.au and see a revamped, refreshed and redesigned new e-commerce site that packs some serious punch.

Firstly, it showcases Häfele’s entire inventory, that’s every single product. Secondly, hafele.com.au displays real-time quantities and pricing so you’ll never order something that’s out of stock or over your budget. Thirdly, its search functionality is reported to be out of this world.

Utilising similar technology employed by e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay, you can locate and compare products with lightning speed. An intuitive personalised login and shopping cart makes ordering your purchases a snap.

Taking inspiration from major social media platforms hafele.com.au also allows you to manage your profile and share projects you have created with Häfele hardware. There’s even a full look book of projects built with Häfele hardware to feed your ideas.
Hafele.com.au is live now.