Eco-friendly Underlay for Aussie homes.

At Airstep Australia and Imagine Floors by Airstep the goal is to help those who use their flooring create happy, healthy homes with style. Because of this, they place a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly products that help make the world a better place for your family while also benefiting the environment.

That is why they are so pleased to announce a new partnership with NordicBuilt. Born from a rich Danish heritage, the team bring the best of Scandinavian quality to the table and are the manufacturers of ScanUnderlay for which the team at Airstep are excited to distribute nationally from April 2022.

Teaming up with NordicBuilt means that they will have access to bring their top quality, eco-friendly underlays to the Australian market and Airstep are excited to add these options to their offering.

Claus Oustrap, Director of NordicBuilt had this to say on the partnership:

“We strive towards constant development within our teams as well as our portfolio. At heart, we are inventors and do our best to shape an ever-improving built environment… Together with Airstep we plan to transfer our unique cross-linked technology to Australia. This will greatly assist with a cleaner and more sustainable Pacific through local recycling and upcycling.”

Introducing Helix SU700 Rubber Acoustic Underlay

One of the more exciting developments that has come of this partnership is the ability to offer Helix SU700 Rubber Acoustic Underlay to the Australian market. This 2mm thick Underlay is an ideal solution for those who need acoustic or thermal protection in environments or situations where installation has traditionally been seen as rather difficult.

Their unique patented cross-linked technology is used to bring this underlay to life, and Airstep are pleased to be able to bring this industry leading solution to the Australian public. Crafted from 90% recycled materials, Helix SU700 provides superior sustainability paired with impressive 4 and 5 star acoustic ratings matched only by much thicker and heavier third-party solutions. The entire underlay is also 100% upcycled as this is a core pillar of NordicBuilt’s strategy for a greener future.

Who is ScanUnderlay?

Founded in 2015 by Carsten Andersen, ScanUnderlay is backed by over two decades of invention and product development experience. Andersen’s desire to create a sustainable underlay solution crafted from recycled and upcycled materials led to the birth of this fantastic 2mm option that easily holds its own against thicker products bought to market by competitors.

ScanUnderlay’s factory in Skovby west of Aarhus, Denmark allows for onsite testing for flexibility, strength and tightness which helps to ensure that each and every roll is of the highest standard.

This facility is powered by a combination of wind power and natural gas (50/50 split) designed to help reduce emissions as much as possible and in 2017 the company achieved the prestigious European Gold Certification A+ for lowest emission indoor climate solutions.

But how do these products stand up to Aussie conditions?

If we turn our attention to local applications, ScanUnderlay is actually the foundation that the Special Care Nursery in Sandringham, Victoria is built upon. The project was turned into a case study by NordicBuilt, and the results are promising in terms of the performance of this underlay solution in the Australian climate.

The flooring system was laid wet on the same day dual bonded in good condition not allowing for the substrate adhesive to dry. This was done because of time pressures on site. Again, there was concerns around the ability of the adhesive to dry and stabilise the flooring system. The 2mm Helix rubber acoustic underlay performed as required. It was an excellent result.

Since the underlay is only 2mm they minimised the finished floor level, and with the natural structure of vinyl together with the Helix Rubber Acoustic underlay extra comfort under foot was assured.

The Helix also has extremely low VOC and therefore no rubber smell, especially important in a special care nursery.

The project was a significant success because it installed confidence and reassurance in the architect, builder, flooring contractor, and Nordic Built. The result validates the laboratory tests in a real life commercial high traffic application.

What else is coming in the second half of 2022?

The addition of ScanUnderlay to both the Airstep Australia and Imagine Floors by Airstep collections is an exciting part of their plans for the second half of 2022 – but it isn’t the only thing they have been working on behind the scenes.

The next six months will also see the rollout of a complete refresh of the Imagine Floors by Airstep market presence and a few new faces in the flooring collection. Brand new labels will be appearing across their retail partners over the coming months. These labels have been carefully crafted to provide optimal information and are designed to help end users easily understand the benefits of each type of flooring and make the right decision for their homes.

The Imagine Floors by Airstep team will also be bringing out some brand-new decors that are designed to make their range more comprehensive and give consumers more choice in the hard flooring market.