For more than 80 years Heesemann has produced sanding machines for industry and hand-craft and for many users are innovation leaders in sanding technology. Heesemann continues to fulfill this leading role with a new generation of the MFA “Impression,” introduced at Xylexpo 2016 in Milan and presented at Ligna in Germany for the first time.

The MFA Impression has been successful in the World market for many years and has been completely redesigned for Xylexpo 2016. In addition to a new housing the technical details of the machine have been readjusted. The contact rollers now offer high cutting speeds of 24 meters per second that are unrivaled in this class. At LIGNA Heesemann will show the MFA Impression in the configuration with a cross sanding unit, a longitudinal sanding unit with an eccentric bearing of the front return drum, a longitudinal sanding unit with a pressure segment belt and a brush roller unit for structuring. This machine covers all possible applications from slight calibration work, sophisticated fine sanding of solid wood and veneered work pieces up to high-gloss sanding.

On the basis of the MFA 10 machine series Heesemann presents some special units and new developments. The Heesemann orbital scratch removal unit OSR is demonstrated in Europe for the first time. This unit already enjoys great popularity in North America and increasingly in Asia. The orbital scratch removal unit removes the sanding marks generated at sanding frames or other work pieces with different grain directions (e.g. five-piece doors) due to the unavoidable sanding crosswise to the grain direction. These scratch patterns are very evident especially when using dark stains. The Heesemann OSR removes these scratches and leaves a clean surface with no visible scratches. More than 100 OSR units are in daily use at the leading producers of furniture and interior fittings in North America. In addition the MFA 10 carries a cross sanding unit, a strengthened version of the RUT disk brush unit and two brush roller units equipped with a newly developed quick exchange system. The RUT has been significantly reinforced to allow even more intensive structuring. The brush roller units can be loosened from their lock with a few handles. They can be moved out of the machine to the side. This allows the exchange of the brush rollers and the rebuilding of the machine for new requirements within a few minutes.

Completely new is a calibrating machine based on the legendary, three-shift operation LSM 8. The new machine is available as a three or four head machine as a start. Configurations with one steel contact roller, one or two rubber-coated contact rollers and a longitudinal sanding unit with pressure segment belt and a rigid pressure beam can be ordered. Heesemann is available in Australia from the Wood Tech Group.