In April Eurocucina in Milan was once again the hotspot for furniture. Manufacturers from across the globe showcased their new releases and captivated visitors with impressive presentations. The Hettich trend report summarises the main trends at Eurocucina in the three experience dimensions: feel style, enjoy comfort and win storage.

There was no shortage of ‘Feel style’ design ideas in Milan: dark colours, thin contours and metallic surfaces create a look of elegance. Trendy marble adds a touch of luxury in all sorts of applications. Matt soft touch surfaces entice with a velvety feel. Whereas purist looking kitchens impress with clean, vertical lines, round tables on angular kitchen islands form a perfect interplay of shapes.

In the experience dimension ‘Enjoy comfort’ refrigerators are becoming increasingly organised. The larder pull-out in the refrigerator offers familiar convenience in new surroundings. With a rotating shelf, food stored at the back moves to the front in next to no time and vice versa. Smart, connected electrical appliances additionally make everyday life easier, leaving time for in-house gardening that keeps kitchen herbs close to hand whenever they are needed.

In the experience dimension ‘Win storage’ large, open spaces are as popular as ever. Entire multifunctional kitchens with extendible work surfaces and electrical appliances vanish behind large-surface sliding doors. XXL refrigerators provide plenty of space for food and create visual highlights. Tiny Kitchens are veritable space miracles: the full-fledged kitchens in a small space. Moving on from Hettich’s report we learn about a new hinge from the hardware giant.

Hettich Sensys with integrated Silent System for glass applications is designed for the perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Furniture featuring glass elements bring elegance to any living room. With its narrow bonding surfaces, the Sensys hinge for glass applications creates a perfect purist look. Whether it’s a classy glass display cabinet or a modern material combination of wood and glass; the hinge perfectly blends into the furniture’s overall appearance.

Sensys for glass applications combines exquisite design and outstanding performance. The integrated Silent System and large automatic closing angle make sure the delicate glass doors close gently and reliably every time. The standard Sensys range is combined with the Sensys hinge for glass applications. For instance, the standard mounting plate can blend with a glass door for a material mix of a wooden body and glass. The simple glue mounting is the perfect solution for design that stands out from the crowd.