Pull-out laundry hamper systems are gaining popularity due to their space-saving design, convenience, organisation, integration with cabinetry, and contribution to home improvement efforts. As homeowners seek efficient and stylish solutions for laundry storage, pull-out hamper systems provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing option.

As Heinrich Sagel and Hermann Vauth, the founders of Vauth Sagel once said, “We want to create high-quality system solutions for living spaces. For everyone.”

Those words went on to become the foundation of Vauth Sagel, a world esteemed company known for creating its German made quality products that are at the forefront of leading home innovations.

Many of Vauth Sagel’s products are distributed by Dorset Australia, helping to close the gap between a top-quality experience, and the Australian home interior innovation market.

Presenting the VS WASH Laundry Hamper System

Co-designed with Dorset Australia; a cutting-edge upgrade to laundry layouts, integrating the latest and most advanced features available in the market. Technically and visually, the VS WASH is based on the proven waste separation systems of the VS ENVI.

Catering to the needs of both builders and clients alike, VS WASH exceeds expectations on all fronts. Engineered with an emphasis on functionality and superior quality, the system exemplifies meticulous attention to detail, leaving no aspect overlooked.

The VS WASH system has been meticulously crafted to streamline production lines and enhance efficiency for manufacturers. With its emphasis on ease of use and installation, it is equipped with a range of intelligent features designed to expedite workflows and minimize errors. Simply clip in and go with its recessed cabinet connector, making installation, a breeze, all while maintaining a minimalist cabin interior.

The 3D Cam Shaft Adjustment feature allows for effortless front adjustment, even after installation into the cabinet, ensuring hassle-free customisation and alignment. Furthermore, the inclusion of a comprehensive full-sized installation template eliminates the need for time-consuming measurements, maximizing efficiency and reducing the potential for errors.

Builders benefit from the VS WASH system’s versatility and adaptability to various project requirements. With multiple hamper sizes available to suit different project specifications, suppliers can cater to a diverse range of customer needs. Additionally, the system’s compatibility with different cabinet configurations and design aesthetics ensures broad market appeal, allowing you to address a wide customer base and capitalize on market demand.

Vauth Sagel x Dorset Australia

Find a large accommodating range of Vauth Sagel products direct through Dorset Australia. Trusted in the industry, as a leading supplier in all things cabinetry and beyond, Dorset Australia provides Vauth Sagel sliding pantry systems, bin systems, base cabinet solutions, corner cabinet solutions, folding innovations and more.

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