Everyday objects d’art get a practical granite makeover, writes international correspondent Joe Simpson.

Marble may have been the classical sculptor’s medium of choice for centuries, but granite is equally suited to this enduring and timeless art form, as Lincoln Kayiwa shows in his latest contemporary sculptural designs.

These art-meets-function creations, with their modern, minimalist aesthetic, are intended to offers years of use and enjoyment. Each item is a numbered limited edition piece; a completely unique work of art.

The durability of granite makes it ideal for heavily used surfaces, such as worktops.

In creating these avant-garde household objects, Kayiwa combined traditional handcraft with mechanisation to create a range of timeless products; from mortar and pestle to furniture. All are created using an exclusive selection of rare Finnish granite types, including Amadeus, Brown Hill, Moss Granite and Lappia Green.

A key feature of Kayiwa’s granite collection is that the pieces are easy to move. Honed finger grooves are placed strategically to allow the user to grip objects and lift them off surfaces.

The silhouettes throughout the granite collection are a play on geometry, proportion and precision, with contrasts of various shades and types of polished and honed granite.

The SM Mortar and Pestle is a fresh take on a kitchen essential. This totem pole-shaped pentaptych is not only great for grinding spices or making pesto, but is also a nutcracker.

The reaming end of the SM+ Citrus Reamer stays elevated off the surface where it stands to aid hygiene.

Used individually or in groups, the Dico Catchall is an elegant receptacle for walking sticks, umbrellas, candles, pens and more.
Achingly tactile, the Betty Rolling Pin is also very practical. The user need not exert as much pressure to achieve results because the weight and smooth stone surface make flattening dough as easy as pie.

The Nzela Coffee Table is an ingenious flat-pack construction featuring three snap-fit elements. It uses gravity alone to stay together and thus does not require any tools, fixtures or fittings for assembly. Simple, yet sturdy enough for daily use, this series of coffee tables would prove a practical and beautiful addition to any living space.

Finally, the Eemeli Board Set is a combination of reversible trivet, cutting board and serving board. Each object features a different granite type and unique, natural grain. Its high-strength surface construction is food-safe and easy to clean.

With a witty yet elegant disregard for convention, Kayiwa’s pieces are exquisite sculptures while also offering functional solutions for everyday needs. The designer draws heavily on his Finnish-Ugandan heritage; borrowing principles and aesthetic elements from the rich cultures and traditions of African and Nordic art, craft and design.