The Hong Kong Houseware Fair is Asia’s leading household products fair and this year it included a small furniture section. Around 700 Australian and New Zealand buyers attended the fair that could provide interesting business opportunities for some Australian furniture and cabinet manufacturers.

The Hong Kong Houseware Fair has long been a vibrant marketplace for household products. Now in its 31st edition with over 2,100 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions this year’s fair included a strong line-up of 14 group pavilions, including Japan, Korea and Turkey.

47,000 buyers from 114 countries and regions visited the show including 700 Australian and New Zealand buyers. Rodney Jacobs of Rovan Global was amongst those visitors and was impressed by the innovative and original products on display. Rodney said: “These people aren’t tied down by conventions; you see some pretty interesting things at this fair”.

“With the uncertainties surrounding the global economy, the fairs have provided an important platform for enterprises to seek new orders and source competitive products,” said HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Benjamin Chau. “We noticed that buyers are particularly interested in unique and original designs.”

While the amount furniture displayed at the fair was low by other show standards, this will surely improve in 2017. What was interesting was the range of products that could support an existing business.

The number of Australian furniture and cabinet makers that also run a homeware sideline is increasing. A carpet store in Wangaratta does just that and in difficult times the extra business keeps them busy. The possibilities suit both furniture makers and cabinet makers alike. The theory is that if you have the customer in your office or showroom, why let them leave without the possibility of selling something else? If it’s bedroom furniture you have hangers, storage accessories and bedside lamps. For lounge furniture you have lighting, small tables, mats and a myriad of other products. For kitchens you have storage solutions, clever and innovative kitchen utensils and, of course, appliances.

Visiting the Hong Kong Housewares Fair will bring you face to face with all that enterprising Asia has to offer.